Orange Juice’s Deck Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel deck

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Hi Orange Juice’s Deck Mega Knight Royal Skeleton barrel deck for Youtuber Challenge i will show you Mega Knight Royal Ghost Deck which is made my Orange Juice This  Mega Knight Royal Ghost Deck is good for Youtuber Challenge relies on Control play and chip damage to destroy a tower with Ghost+ Barrel Combo, and if you make any mistakes All top 10  Clash Royale Youtuber Challenge Decks Guide For 

it could cost you so come and take a look at this Mega Knight Royal Ghost Deck guide Take a look at these Top 13 Clash Roayle January 2018 Meta Deck

Orange Juice’s Youtuber Challenge Decks

Orange Juice’s Deck Mega Knight Royal Ghost Deck Card Role:  All top 10  Clash Royale Youtuber Challenge Decks Guide For 



Your Primary win condition. the miner gives fast and adaptable chip damage while tanking for the Skeleton barrel also The miner should be used to attack elixir collectors and bait your opponent to attack you. You want them attacking so you can use the mega knight and Miner can deal hundreds of damage with ease, taking out a chunk of the tower HP most of the time.Important thing when using the miner is changing his placement every time.

Skeleton Barrel

The skeleton barrel is awesome because you can use it to tank for the miner, and then have the miner tank for the skeletons. This can be annoying to stop because there are a few different cards in your deck That help you to bait out his zap and The best placement of the barrel is completely to the side of the map, just like a balloon, where it will ignore most enemy towers 

Mega Knight 

Your main win condition. It has a really nice synergy in spell bait decks because of how it tears through most splash units. He unifies the deck because he kills splash units and he is immune to spells. He is also a beast on defense, tearing through any minor ground push. Combine It with Royal Ghost or Inferno Dragon for a better defense and deadly counterpush.

Royal Ghost

Most Used and One of the most over-powered cards right now in the game, Being only 3 elixir, he helps to cycle through your deck.Use his invisibility well to get the maximum value out of him.Don’t hesitate to play him on defence against cards like Hog or Miner and Its spash Damage makes him Powerfull

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Goblin Hut 

Goblin Hut has greatly rose in popularity these days. Personally, I have been using Goblin Hut for more than a year now In this Deck With spear goblins constantly spawning,

you create more opportunities for chip damage on towers and support against troops targeting your Mega knight, Royal Ghost or skeleton barrel

Inferno Dragon 

Your beatdown counter. Unless you are vs Lavaloon (a very weak matchup for this deck), you dont need to rely on it to defend beatdown. You have both Royal Ghost for that. This is usually the card I use the least (I don’t encounter air decks too often), but it can really come in handy at times. It also counter splash units (This is your only good counter to baby dragon), and helps bait a zap

Zappies: Zappies is a 4 elixir Rare card This card will help to kill tanks like Giant, Pekka and Mega Knight with a medium damage card like Knight  and Zappies spawn in a triangular manner Just Like Three Musketeers so you can split them and If you Splitting that willl gives you options to play making them very versatile on offense as well as well as defence


You all probably know how to use zap. The reason zap is in here over log is because we already have mega knight to deal with goblins and we don’t need more anti-ground.ZAp will be good against Bats Replacements: Log (Recommended if you swap out princess for DG), Tornado

Orange Juice’s Deck Mega Knight Royal Ghost Deck Gameplan:

In the early game Start off with Royal at the bridge, Skeleton Barrel at the bridge, Bats in the back, or Miner in the anti-nado spot.

In Offence your pushes like Miner+Skeleton Barrel, Miner+Poison, and Royal Ghost and In Defence we have Inferno Tower for Tanks Mega knight for Three Musketeers or Group of troops

This Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck is a fast paced and extremely effective deck requiring a good amount of skill in playing defense properly, and can deal with just about anything.

Mega Knight Royal Ghost Deck Weaknesses

Hog Rider:

Inferno Tower. I haven’t seen a lot of Hog Lightning, so you should be fine, but make sure you keep up with their cycle.


Inferno Tower. Distract their Mega Minion with Hut and Use Miner on Their Pump, and don’t let them build up a big push.Other wise It hard to stop


Inferno Tower. Royal Ghost will take Ground Troops and Use ID For bait out zap


Defensive Poison

Spell bait:

Zap the Barrel or use Bats, Royal Ghost for Goblin Gang Gang, and Poison For the hordes Distract Other troops with Skeleton Barrel or Miner

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This Mega Knight Royal Ghost Deck is super fun as well! It’s very good, and I hope it works for you guys too and You Got lots of 12 wins in Grand Challenges.! Leave your opinions and suggestions in the comments below.