Meta Knight Challenge Deck

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Hey guys, my names yacka – I’m just an average player but I managed 12 wins in this challenge in less then an hour I used Pekka Hog Meta knight Deckto get 12 wins in this challenge and so many people’s are using this deck  so come and take a look at this Mega Knight Pekka Deck guide
Mega Knight Pekka Deck

Mega Knight Pekka Deck Card Roles:

Meta Knight – The MK is a counter-pusher not a win condition! You typically want to hold him for large amounts of value (2+ troops together) and synergize him with any of the support cards in your hand. In saying that, do not over commit to a push as this will lose you the game.

Inferno Dragon – The inferno dragon should be held as a tank killer which can be any big tank including Pekka, MK, Giant, Golem, Lava hound, etc. You can also synergize him with the Pekka or MK on a counter push to take out any tanks they put down. It is a moving inferno tower so use it accordingly.


Electro Wizard – The E-Wiz is your best card in the deck. He should be used to counter any high damage card that can be reset and can be used for offense of defense. The cards you want to hold him for are: Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower, Sparky, MK if your MK is on it, skarmy/gob gang/ horde troops.

Pekka – This is your main MK counter and you want to turn that into a counter push everytime. Paired with the MK this card can be devastating. Synergized with any support card can be devastating! You can place her in the middle of the map or onto of the MK, either way she will kill it quickly.

Log – Quite obvious, just hold until you get value or need it in emergencies (hog coming to tower with support and you have little elixir).

Bandit – Quick to kill medium sized tanks paired with any other card. Can stop executioner, bandit, knight, night witch, etc. Do not place on top of troops, place away so she does dash damage.

Fireball – I Use for value plays or elixir pumps, wait a little when fireballing pumps to try to get value on troops! You can usually get about 1/4 off a pump before fireballing for max value.

Hog – I Used it for cheap tower damage or when you know they have no elixir and synergizes well with MK because of the splash damage

Mega Knight Pekka Deck Starting hand

Typically you want a hog rider in your starting hand to try to either get initial tower damage or to bait their MK out, if you do not have hog in your starting hand then just cycle whatever troop you have! Starting with a MK behind the tower isn’t a bad idea. If you are able to bait their MK you can counter it easily with a Pekka or MK and counterpush with any other troop.

Mega Knight Pekka Deck When to hold cards

Holding cards is a huge part of using this deck, you need to work out what you can counter for a positive elixir trade. If they have gob gang then hold your log for that, if they have minion horde or elixir pump then hold you fireball for that, etc.

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So guys thats it for today i hope you like this Meta Knight challenge Deck post