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Hi Guys Mega Knight Graveyard Deck zhou111 here and today i going to show you my Mega Knight Graveyard Deck Which is Doing well on Challenge The Mega Knight Graveyard Deck rely on defending then couterpushing. Sometimes a small skirmish is required to trigger a push from the opponent. Once you are at a elixir advantage and have units on the field you can initiate a graveyard so come and take a look at this Mega Knight Graveyard Deck Guide

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Mega Knight Graveyard Deck

Mega Knight Graveyard Deck Card Roles:

The tanks: MK and Pekka


These tanks are great at stopping massive pushes on defense. Against any form of bridge spam units such as hog, bandit, ewiz, battle ram, etc, just deploy these tanks and you would have destroyed their push, and your tank will have a good amount of health. Do not drop these at the bridge for offense just to tank for your ewiz or something. Aside from dropping them on defense on your side, the only other legit move is to play them behind the king tower, toward the side the enemy has troops. Pekka counters mega knight very well and should win 1v1. however if it is pekka vs pekka or mega knight vs mega kngiht, be sure to support your tank with ice spirit, a ewiz or zap. Do not use too much elixir if your tank is in enemy territory.

The support: Minions, Ice spirit, E Wiz

These cards are played so that your tanks will win the fight. Feel free to use these on defense if the opponent’s push cannot be countered efficiently using mega knight or pekka. Also use these cards to ensure your pekka/ mega knight win against the opponent’s with the freeze of ice spirit, extra damage of minions , or stun and damage of electro wizard.

The spells: arrows and zap are in the deck to deal with bats, minions, and any other swarmy unit that may annihalte your push. Every single match I fought had multiple arroable or zapable troops, be it goblin barrel, princess, skarmy, minions or bats. I would advise against replacing these spells because I feel zap and arrows synergy well with this deck.

The graveyard

This is your main win condition. The placement should be the outer left corner of the opponent’s arena tower. graveyard+ healthy tank is a very deadly combo. The tanks are very hard to deal with when you add in the support cards, and the graveyard is usually too much for your average 3k opponent when added into the mix. Of course use support spells as needed.

Mega Knight Graveyard Deck Opening Plays:

At the start you really don’t want to make big moves. Order of best opening moves to worst: Ice spirit at the bridge> split minions behind king tower > zapping one of the towers> electro wizard behind king tower. However if the opponent plays units in the back, your response will depend on what unit. Play arrows or zap if they are arrowable or zapable. A mega knight or pekka in the back is also a safe option if the enemy unit is at least 4 elixir.

Mega Knight Graveyard Deck on Mid game

The mid game will generally consist of both sides conducting small skirmishes. If the opponent plays golem or lavahound in the back, or a pump, it is time to punish with graveyard and mega knight. Be aggressive. if you do not deal critical damage to the opponent they will have a big push coming. If you do not have a good card rotation to punish, pekka/Mk in the back to bank up your own push to defend their big push.

Mega Knight Graveyard Deck Counter Pushing

Once you are at a good elixir lead and have either pekka or megaknight with over half health on the field, you can opt to drop graveyard. it is very difficult to respond both to the pekka/MK.

I would not play graveyard before double elixir unless I know all 8 of my opponents cards. Be sure to support graveyard with spells

Finally I just want to say that this is a control deck. If you pushed too agressively you will be punished if you are unable to defend.

Generally I would not invest more into a push unless I know I have the elixir advantage; I know that adding more troops will make it easier to defend.

I lost one of my matches because I blindly droped a mega knight at the bridge to support my ewiz. My opponent countered the mega knight with a pekka then pumped up and I lost soon after.

Hopefully you do not overcommit on pushes and make the same mistakes I did.

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Over all this Mega Knight Graveyard Deck is not hard to play as the game plan is pretty much the same for any match-ups.