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HI Guys Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck Aaqib Javed here with Graveyard Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck So many peoples are saying that flying machine is not But belive me this card is very If you play properly this card And This Decks is an anti Graveyard Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck which was built specifically to counter meta decks Such as Pekka Decks, Hog cycle Deck, Balloon Decks, so come and take a look at this Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck guide

Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck

Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck Card Roles:

Mega Knight: This card is usually Good for defense. His Spawn damage is very good group of troops  that have just crossed your bridge If you have a bad hand and the game is quiet, it is okay to start a push with Mega Knight behind your king tower. This is First Legendary Card in this Deck

Graveyard Spell: Your main card both for offense and defense.The second Legendary Card Graveyard is an opportunistic card, it should mainly be used to attack the tower when you have surviving defensive troops crossing the bridge.This card can even take a tower by itself! Keep cycling to this card and your tank Ice Golem to deal MASSIVE damage together. Graveyard is really unique and powerful. 


Flying Machine: This Card is very Good and It has decent 142 damage at level 7 In this deck, you mostly use it for defense because Due to its long 6 tiles range, It can kill the most of the troops without being targeted by the Princess Towers This card Is very good in bpth offence and defence

Freeze- This can be changed to Poison but Freeze works better then poison because it’s the least level dependent card in this game.Amazing support card for the GY. I don’t recommend using this until double elixir unless you know you have a major elixir advantage over them. Be sure to freeze both the tower and the defensive troops (plus their king if a tower is already down and you are able to do so) Freeze is also very viable on defense

Ice Golem: Best Card in the game for 2 elixir cost  This card is the tank of your pushes, you need to use this tank with the Graveyard,it can easily take out Minion Horde. While he tanks for your Graveyard, his slow down effect can also assure that the Graveyard will get some damage on the tower Also very good in defense, builds up time for you to defend better and also distracts other Troops. I think it’s the best 2 Elixir card in Clash Royale right now

Zap: If your opponent has goblin barrel, obviously save your zap. Their other zap bait cards can be countered using other cards in this deck. If your opponent mirrors goblin barrel, use skeleton army. I often use this if my opponent counters my push with minions, as the ice golem death damage and zap will take out them

Tombstone: Tombstone has been a very practical building to use on defense. Distracts just about every tank in the book for a positive trade  Also distracts Hog, Prince, Ram, Knight, Bandit and more! Sometimes the spawned Skeletons can make the difference in a pushOverall, it is very expendable and can be used defensively in many ways

Bats: Bats are cheaper and faster than minions, and they are good Zap bait in decks that run Inferno Dragon. Here I used them to keep the deck average down, and because in other decks I noticed that Minions were not getting much additional value; the marginal advantage of a faster cycle was worth more to me than the greater durability of Minions

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Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck Strategy:

Your general gameplan is Making some positive elixir trades So If you reach 10 Elixir, Justwait for the opponent to make the first move If you want,

you can place a Tombstone 4 tiles away from your King Tower, as a preliminary defense and a way to cycle and gain oppressive value.

If Your opponent rush Hog Rider and Ice Golem Then you have Tombstone, Mega Knight,Bats. Many of these cards will shut down that push.

In Offense try To chip with Ice Golem and Graveyard push Or make Huge Push with your Mega Knight and Freeze and Support with Flying machine or Try saving your Graveyard until at least Double Elixir; by then you’ll have seen basically all their cards and know their viable counters to your Graveyard. 

Some cards that this deck are weaker to are Valkyrie, witch, Tombstone, and Log. When matching against these cards

you’ll have play smartly and change your playstyle and  You have to play smartly against these cards to win against them.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please leave your comments down below and I WILL answer. Thanks so much for taking your time to read my Mega Knight Flying Machine Deck guide!