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Hi Mega Knight Bait Deck Guys GasterCR back Today with Mega Knight Bait Deck I will be talking about the Mega Knight Bait Deck I used to get in the top 25 and 12 wins in a classic challenge. This deck is a new and improved Spell Bait with the Mega Knight for defense that follows through a huge counter-push This deck is very Good For Arena 10+ And also You can win Grand Challenges With this Deck so come and take a look at this Mega Knight Bait Deck guide Take a look at these Best October Meta Decks 2020

Mega Knight Bait Deck

Mega Knight Bait Deck Card Roles:

Mega Knight: Your main win condition. It has a really nice synergy in spell bait decks because of how it tears through most splash units. He unifies the deck because he kills splash units and he is immune to spells. He is also a beast on defense, tearing through any minor ground push. Combine hi with knight/goblin gang for a better defense and deadlier counterpush.


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Goblin Gang: This is a bait deck and almost all bait decks have the goblin gang. After it got buffed, it is at least A tier if not S tier. It also has a nice synergy with mega knight (The goblins attack the tanks while the mega knight tears through more fragile units. Replacements: Skeleton Army

Goblin Barrel/Miner: You can use miner In Modern Royal Challenge The main bait card. Either use it to bait out a spell for your princess/goblin gang, or throw it with a tank to create a deadly threat if spells are baited (including bowler although he isn’t a spell). Basically how you use it in a normal bait deck

Princess: A very fun card to use. She is very good defensively, and she chips away the tower. Make sure to protect her if you use her on offense. She also provides good anti-air, which is lacking overall in this deck. In addition, she provides great AoE damage, so you may need her to take down those pesky minion hordes. If the opponent doesn’t have log or arrows in rotation, I think that she is one of the best defensive cards in the game. Replacements: Dart Goblin

Zap/Log: You can use Log In Modern Royal Challenge You all probably know how to use zap. The reason zap is in here over log is because we already have mega knight to deal with goblins and we don’t need more anti-ground. Replacements: Log (Recommended if you swap out princess for DG), Tornado

Bats: This deck lacks instant anti-air so that is where bats come in. For 2 elixir, they can provide a lot of defensive value. They are your only good counter to balloon, aside from Inferno Dragon, which takes time to charge up. Almost always a positive trade on defense. They can also support your mega knight quite well and distract air counters. Replacements: Minions (Better against zap but worse against arrows and more expensive. Next time I will play the minions variant to see how it goes.), Spear Goblins

Inferno Dragon: Your beatdown counter. Unless you are vs Lavaloon (a very weak matchup for this deck), you dont need to rely on it to defend beatdown. You have both knights for that. This is usually the card I use the least (I don’t encounter air decks too often), but it can really come in handy at times. It also counter splash units (This is your only good counter to baby dragon), and helps bait a zap.

Knight/Royal Ghost: You can use Royal Ghost In Modern Royal Challenge One of the best anti-ground cards. It can survive a rocket, do the damage of a musketeer, and only cost 3 elixir. He is also good vs glass cannons if you don’t have/don’t want to use Mega Knight. Also, unless they have Pekka or anti-air in the push, the 2 knights combined will completely halt the push and create a threatening counter-attack. Lastly, knight is a good cheap tank for your goblin barrel

Mega Knight Bait Deck Gameplan:

Start of the game (3:00-2:00):

At the start of the game, play it like the classic log bait deck.Not only will you get some early chip damage, but your opponent will wrongly predict your deck, which gives you the advantage (You can bait out their ewiz before using ID or Pekka before Mega Knight etc.). You can also chip the tower with the princess and goblin barrel. Use your other cards if you must, but try to just cycle 5 cards.

Mid-Game (2:00-1:00):

This is where you start revealing your big cards. If you can catch the opponent off guard with the mega knight, and you will get value out of the surprise. This is where beatdown decks will make better pushes after pumping up or making positive trade. You can use the Knights and the inferno dragon to counter those pushes (Princess if they put minion horde down). You also make your pushes of mega knight + swarm + goblin barrel, or defend and let your princess do the chipping. This deck is quite good defensively, so make sure to defend well. If you are facing Seige, take advantage of your mega knight. If you are facing Control, defend all of the pushes and counterpush (Mega knight is great at doing this)

Double Elixir Time:

If you took a tower, just sit back and defend. Only go on the offense it they deploy an investment. If you haven’t taken a tower, defend but throw goblin barrels and princesses like never before. In other words, defend and chip the tower. If you are 1 tower down, make sure to go on the offensive and make a constant stream of pushes to eventually take the tower.


Defend everything to your 2nd arena tower or King Tower (If it’s below 2500 health or alone), and go hard on the offense. If you have lane control, use it for easy damage. It does give you an elixir disadvantage, but you need to get the 2nd tower. If no towers are down, follow the 2x elixir gameplan.

Mega Knight Bait Deck Matchups:

Hog Cycle – Any hog rider deck is a joke vs this deck. Everything here but princess, goblin barrel, and zap can counter the hog. In other words, you always have an answer.

Golem Beatdown – There are so many counters to the golem. You rush the other lane and use inferno dragon/ mega knight to defend. Every beatdown counter is lightning proof, making it even easier.

Giant Beatdown – Again, you have plenty of anti-ground counters. Watch out for minions though. In this matchup, you will need your princess AND zap a lot because they are the only anti-air splash you have, and you are dealing with night witch, minions, and possibly minion horde.

Mortar Cycle – They have great answers to your spell bait threats and a rocket cycle, but mega knight tears through everything on their side. One mega knight + inferno dragon push will cause a huge dent. Also, use your Knights against their mortar.

Pekka – You need to use your swarms and inferno dragon to kill the Pekka. The mega knight will have trouble in the arena but it’s still an easy matchup.

Mega Knight: Like Pekka but your mega knight will be used more and your swarms less. You still have inferno dragon to kill the mega knight.

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