Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck arena 9+

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Hi Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck Guys To day I will Show you Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck This is one of the most powerfull Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck right now Because This Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck Has Royal Recurits Royal Ghost Which is Currently Very Popular in The in Clash Royale Meta , the Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck.we have Poison to apply a huge pressure on your opponent. so Come and take a look at this Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck guide 

Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck

Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck

Magic Archers: 

With the 7 tiles range and Projectile Range 11 tiles. Magic Archer has great synergies with Giant  due to his DPS and super long attack range.In this Deck Magic Archer can be a great crowd controller and even a great defender as well strong offensive support behind a Giant.He can deal devastating amount of damage within no time and giving no chance for the opponent to take him out.


Poison / Fireball: I use Poison On Challenges Area Damage Spell 

Poison Is Must in This deck because Your heavy spell for finishing of the tower and getting good value on troops next to the tower.Use Poison to protect your Giant or Prince’s from swarm or other defensive units and chip the tower.When paired with the Prince, it makes a powerful combo, making it difficult to stop him from the tower

Electro Wizard : Anti Inferno Card and Tank Killer

This is you defensive card it has two bolts Which will hit any two units in his 5 tile range. If the Electro Wizard is focused on a single unit and another unit comes into range, he’ll hit both of them He is also good to killing Cards like balloon and inferno dragon and one more this I  drop him against Lava Hound when LH dies I used to kill pup with the electro widard zap but he can be killed by fireball+zap so be carefull when you used this

Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck Strategy

I Start using this Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck in Ladder First And Then I saw how OP it was. I won some game on Ladder after that I Used This Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck in Grand Challenge

I ended up going 2 12-0 Grand Challenges in a row with an additional 12-1 With The Combination of Miner and Poison This Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck can be used in chip damage and You can Used Miner in Defence for  Pump and It is Very versatile, and can be used on defense against a Royal Ghost.

Now Talk about Magic Archer If your opponent place any cards in front of their Tower to defend against your cards, you should angle the Magic Archer to chip on their Tower.

Place your Magic Archer used Tornado to Pull His troops towards the tower. This will allow for 300-600 chip damage

Giant Royal Ghost Magic Archer Deck

Giant Magic Archer Double Prince Deck Arena 11+

In First 3-4 Matches I used this deck and immediately lost, and decided to give it another shot. And then I won the next 7 matches without any loose This deck is great in ladder and Grand Challenges Continue Reading »


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This Miner Magic Archer Royal Recruits Deck  is super fun as well! It’s very good, and I hope it works for you guys too and You Got lots of 12 wins in Grand Challenges.! Leave your opinions and suggestions in the comments below.