Magic Archer Counter

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Hi Guys today we will talk about how to counter Magic Archer in Clash Royale This is a 4 Elixir Legendary Card  with huge tiles range It will be heard to counter magic archer with ranged troops Like Archers and Spear Goblin since Magic archers has 7 tiles range One of the best card will be Fireball and Poison to counter Magic Archer So come and take a look at this Guide


Magic Archer Counter

Magic Archer Counter


Magic Archer can be counter by meele troops easily Like Mini Pekka and Lumberjack these Cards that counter Magic Archer fully or partially. All These Cards are effective in stopping Magic Archer 

  1. Pekka
  2. Lumberjack
  3. Guards
  4. Royal Ghost
  5. Knight
  6. Fireball
  7. Poison

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