Lunar New Year Challenge Deck 2018

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Hi Guys Today we are talking about Lunar New Year Challenge Deck 2018 This Lunar New Year Challenge for 2018, will have three different stages and You have to win stage 1 in order qualify for the next stage 2. The third and final stage can be unlocked by completing the stage 2. In order to unlock stage 2, you will have to Complete Stage 1

In Stage 1 you have to collect 10 Crowns Once you collect 10 crowns then you can unlock Stage 2 and I Stage 2 will Double Elixir Challenge after Completing the Stage 2 you will unlock Final Stage and It will be Ram up Challenge So come and take a look at this Lunar New Year Challenge Deck 2018 guide

Lunar New Year Challenge Deck 2018 Pekka beatdown DecksExecutioner+Tornado Deck Hog Cycle DecksGraveyard Decks With Knight and Bowlerand Meta Knight Decks


Bandit Pekka Double Elixir Challenge Decks

Pekka Bats Deck

Hi Guys Whats up Hyp3rion.akki here and today I will show you guys a 20 win PEKKA deck that a ton of people are using this deck in Crown Championship Challenge. This deck is mega strong and new meta pekka Bridge Spam Deck The main thing about this Bandit Battle Ram Bats Deck is relentlessly attacking enemy towers with high damage, low elixir cost cards. This deck thrives in lane switches and catching your opponent off guard. This is a mostly offensive deck but it aslo does quite a bit of utility on defenseContinue Reading »

Mega Knight Miner Double Elixir Challenge Decks

Mega Knight Grand Challenge Deck

The Strategy of this deck is the same as your usual Miner Control Deck As you can see,this is a 3.5 elixir deck Take a look at these Top 5 Bats Decks For All Arena

You have to deal damage by using the Miner as a tanker followed by cheap units like Goblins and Bats. This deck is all about defending and counterpushing, and chipping Continue Reading »

Night Witch Pekka Double Elixir Challenge DecksPekka Decks

Hi Guys cuzzy4 here and  my in game name is Cuzzy and I have a personal PB of 5,1k as a level 11. I qualified for the 2nd round of CCGS EU but couldn´t attend because of vacations. I love playing challenges (mostly classic challenges as I don’t spend a lot of money on the game) and try out different decks. 

I got 12wins with this deck every time and only suffered 2 losses in 4 runs. I created the deck myself, as the META changed a lot after the recent balance changes. In challenges you see a lot of Golem3Musketeer and recently Bandit and Battleram decks. This deck is designed to counter all of them Continue Reading »

Golem Cannon Cart Ramp Up Challenge Deck

Cannon Cart Golem Deck

This deck is a beatdown deck centered around the golem and Cannon Cart (obviously) and Poison For area Damage This Deck taken me to my personal best of 4330+ Form 4000 Trophies

Cannon cart Is A very Good card In Defence and This deck is Good Grand Challenge and some pro players are using this Continue Reading »

Giant Executioners Lunar New Year Challenge Deck 2018

May Meta Decks Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck

The  Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck is simply a version of the Giant Executioner deck(Take a look at here for Giant Executioner deck) that is extremely popular as of right now that I found works very well with the Battle Ram. I am making this post as a deck guide so take a quick look at this  Executioner Giant Battle Ram Deck guide Continue Reading »

Miner Battle Lunar New Year Challenge Deck 2018

Challenge Decks

As this Miner Battle Ram Deck is a control deck, your general gameplan in this deck is very defensive. Throughout the game you’ll want to drop proactive cards at the back such as executioner, Electro Wizard, and Mega Minion to bank elixir. Use cannon and other support cards to defend against an enemy push, and use your remaining cards on the map to capitalize and punish your opponent on a counter push. Continue Reading »

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Thanks for reading this Challenge Decks guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome Pls Tell me in comment box If i Missed somthing