Lumberjack Trifecta deck

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Lumberjack Trifecta is Bruta Best Deck

Lumberjack Trifecta deck,Hey guys what’s up Upsidedown here and today we’re going to be trying out another Lumberjack Trifecta deck i actually wanted to throw the Lumberjack Trifecta deck there because I honestly feel like the Lumberjack is gonna be pretty strong after the most recent balancing changes Lumberjack Trifecta deck,They buff the Lumberjack inside of the most recent changes Lumberjack Trifecta deck

Lumberjack Trifecta deck


Lumberjack: Lumberjack Trifecta deck is now one of the best deck in Clash Royale. It just offers too much with its price. He now can easily solo 1 vs 1 with most 4 Elixir troops. He is also perfect at dealing with small troops like Miner or even some tankier ones like Giant. When you defend with Lumberjack and you have enough Elixir to spare, attempt to couple him with Musketeer  to deal some great damage before the x2 Elixir time. His attack speed and movement speed now is incredibly fast, your opponents need to think quickly If they want to deal with him probably. Playing with Lumberjack is extremely funny Lumberjack Trifecta deck
Musketeer: Super versatile card which can easily help you in almost any situation. She can deal tons of damage while being raged. Before the x2 Elixir time, try to do some mini pushes with her and others to cycle back to the Elixir Collector. Lumberjack + Musketeer  is my favorite mini push. This combo can easily take out a Tower If your opponent doesn’t know how to deal with it properly.Lumberjack Trifecta deck
Poison can be used defensively before the x2 Elixir time! The Poison is one of the best cards at dealing with Golem Poison. Since this deck doesn’t have many great splash damaging cards, this is a great card to deal with small troops on your opponent’s side during your push. If I face any player using Elixir Collector, I usually use Poison on their Pumps If I can hurt any additional troop/building. Although this is an equal trade, it helps you to cycle back to your Elixir Collector faster Lumberjack Trifecta deck
Valkyrie: This is the main aoe clear. Place her in front of your push to deal with most of spawner decks, respond to Skeleton Army or counter to Giant. My Valkyrie is at level 7, but above 5  is okay. You can replace her with Bomber or Baby Dragon if you want.Lumberjack Trifecta deck
Witch: is the main damage dealer of this deck. She is the core of this deck and obviously can’t be replaced. You will want to use her on offense most of the time but sometimes she is very useful at dealing with Minions, Prince, P.E.K.K.A,… Don’t play her next to your Tower If your opponent has either Rocket, Fireball or Lightning Spell.Lumberjack Trifecta deck
Cannon: Again, I believe every deck needs a defense card. I prefer the cannon because it is a great counter to Hog with the potential for a positive elixir trade and also distracts the Giant enough to take it out for an even better Elixir trade. Of course you can switch this out for inferno or bomb, it’s based on how you play but I personally like the Cannon.Lumberjack Trifecta deck
Fire Spirits: Place them right on top of your  Witch . What this does is it surrounds your Witch protecting it from all sides. One will be in front while two in the back. They are great to cover your Witch  from big and small troops. Super good at taking our Minion Hordes, Barbarians, or any cheap troops.Lumberjack Trifecta deck
Zap: Although the Zap got nerfed but IMO it is pretty balanced now and I have nothing to complain about that. Use Zap to either cycle through your deck, to deal with small units or to reset Sparky, Inferno Tower, Prince, Royal Giant…Lumberjack Trifecta deck




Hog Cycle Decks: Dealing with Hog Cycle Decks is not hard at all, especially after the Zap nerf. Use Zap on supporting troops and tke out Hog Rider with either Hog Rider or Lumberjack. Then, counterpush ưith Lumberjack + Musketeer + Golem combo. You will take some damage for sure but you will have a strong counterpush Lumberjack Trifecta deck

Hog Trifecta Decks: Use your Poison wisely and you can easily deal with Hog Trifecta. If your opponent drop the Musketeer next to his Elixir Collector, I would recommend you Poison them! If he doesn’t, use Poison to defend beside your Musketeer, Lumberjack, Guards and Ice Spirit. It’s okay to take some damage before the x2 Elixir time, you will wreak him in the x2 Elixir time!Lumberjack Trifecta deck


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