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Clash Royale Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck 2021. Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck, Hey guys. After buffing the Lumberjack in recent update changes and most of you may have no ideas about how to play Lumberjack. Therefore, I am going to bring you the most powerful Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck. This deck works will work in arena 9. I hope it will give you some inspiration to build your own deck. Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck

Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck
Lumberjack is now one of the best cards in Clash Royale. It just offers too much with its price. He now can easily solo 1 vs. 1 with most 4 Elixir troops. He is also perfect at dealing with small troops like Miner or even some tanker ones like Giant. When you defend with Lumberjack and have enough Elixir to spare, attempt to couple him with Musketeer to deal some great damage before the x2 Elixir time, his attack speed and movement speed now is incredibly fast. Your opponents need to think quickly If they want to deal with him probably. Playing with Lumberjack is extremely funny, Clash Royale Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck 2021
Three Musketeers: This is the main card of this deck, of course. Coupled with P.E.K.K.A, Lumberjack, they can deal much damage and destroy any tower within seconds. Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck
Mini P.E.K.K.A: The main boss to the deck. Most people think Mini P.E.K.K.A is weak because it gets distracted really easily. Well, with this deck, every card will support the Mini P.E.K.K.A and get her to the tower! Never place her in the back, drop at the bridge with your attack combos and be aggressive. The awesome thing about this deck is you can always mix it up and keep your opponent guessing.  Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck
Valkyrie: This is the main are clear. Place her in front of your push to deal with most of the spawner decks, respond to Skeleton Army or counter to Giant. My Valkyrie is at level 7, but above 5  is okay. You can replace her with Bomber or Baby Dragon if you want. Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck

Fire Spirits: Place them right on top of your  Mini Pekka. What this does is surrounds your Mini pekkaprotecting it from all sides. One will be in front while two in the back. They are great to cover your Mini Pekka from big and small troops. Super good at taking our Minion Hordes, Barbarians, or any cheap troops.Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck

Goblins: are one of the most-loved troops in the Clash Royale Universe, which is in direct contrast with Clash of Clans. In Clash of Clans, Goblins are just those pesky little green guys who love to take resources directly once deployed, Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck.
Arrows: Use your Arrows in supporting your Three Musketeers to enter your opponent’s lair and do some damage in their tower.In defense of minions, minions hord,
Cannon: Again, I believe every deck needs a defense card. I prefer the canon because it is a great counter to Hog with the potential for a positive elixir trade and distracts the Giant enough to take it out for an even better Elixir trade. Of course, you can switch this out for inferno or bomb, it’s based on how you play, but I personally like the Cannon. Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck


The deck is not good at taking care of dirty air because the 3 musketeers cost 9 elixirs. We only have Arrows to counter aerial units. Lumberjack Three Musketeers Deck