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Hello everyone! I am Desertanu and in this guide I’m going to share the Spawner Deck that got me to 4000 trophies.This Spawner Deck uses the barbarian hut and furnace to apply constant pressure, while using cheap and efficient cards like the ice golem that help on both offense and defense. Take a look at these Top 17 November Meta Decks 2017

The inclusion of the lumberjack provides the deck with a powerful unit that can help create devastating pushes. let’s take a look on this Spawner Deck Guide Take a look at these Top 17 November Meta Decks 2017


Spawner Deck Cards Role:

Barbarian Hut: The barbarian hut is the deck’s main defense against troops like the hog rider or giant. The spawned barbarians also provide a constant threat to the opponent and can do lethal damage if ignored and provide. Because of the barbarian hut’s high cost, it’s best to place down after reaching 10 elixir or when the opponent doesn’t have much elixir available. Spawner Deck

Furnace: This card constantly applies pressure on the opponent and provides a replenishing source of splash damage to pushes. Together, the furnace and the barbarian hut form a deadly combination. When paired with the barbarian hut, the barbarians are protected from air troops as well as grouped troops, while the fire spirits benefit from the high health of the barbarians by being able to reach the opponent’s tower, even if the furnace is not leveled up enough to do so normally.

Lumberjack: The lumberjack is this deck’s main offensive unit. His high speed and attack speed allows him to clear small threats like skeletons from the graveyard spell, punish your opponent for spending lots of elixir, and devastate the opponent’s tower quickly. On defense, he works well for killing tanks and support troops. When using the lumberjack offensively, try to send him ahead of some of your spawned troops or use him on a counter-push. This allows the other troops to benefit from his powerful rage spell.

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Arrows: Arrows are primarily used for eliminating the princess, so she can’t constantly destroy the troops that come out from the spawner buildings. They also work well for killing threats like the goblin barrel, minions, lava pups, and skeleton army if needed. Spawner Deck

Lighting: This powerful spell is used to kill multiple support units or a support troop near a building for positive elixir trades. It’s also great against threats like sparky or the three musketeers. The high damage of the lightning spell makes it a powerful option for destroying the opponent’s towers when they have low health.

Ice Golem: Ice golem’s low cost and and high health make it an extremely versatile card. With the most recent update, it’s death damage even allows it to decimates the skeleton army for a positive elixir trade. On defense, the ice golem is great for kiting enemy troops like the mini pekka, prince, or pekka to the center of the arena. The ice golem’s health makes him useful for protecting the deck’s defensive units against enemy troops and can makes relatively small threats like the archers or mega minion much more dangerous. When placed in front of the lumberjack, the ice golem allows him to survive for a much longer time. The low cost of the ice golem allows the player to quickly build up pushes and still have elixir for the spell lightning.

Archers: The archers provide cheap, air targeting units with a decent amount of health. Their health allows them to survive spells that the minions or spear goblins cannot like zap, arrows, and the log, while the count of the archers makes them better against the lightning spell than the musketeer.

Mega Minion: The mega minion is probably one of the most powerful defensive cards in the game. Its health allows it to survive fireballs with a bit of health and its damage makes it a great option for killing tanks and support units on defense for the low cost of 3 elixir. When affected by the lumberjack’s rage spell, this card becomes deadly.

Card levels and battle history is here of Spawner Deck

Spawner DeckSpawner Deck

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