Lumberjack Mortar Deck

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Hey everyone,Joshthenosh here and I’m bringing you a very unique siege Lumberjack Mortar Deck  that you’ve probably never seen before, but before we begin, here’s some information about me.I’m sitting on 3720, current highest.The mortar is one of my favourite cards to play with and is very satisfying when pulled off right and The best time to use the mortar is when your opponent doesn’t have a suitable counter in cycle. Make sure to analyse your opponents cards and be prepared to counter whatever they throw at you. let’s take a look on this Lumberjack Mortar Deck  Guide

Lumberjack Mortar Deck

Lumberjack Mortar Deck  Card Role:

Mortar – Your primary win condition, this is best used on the counter once your opponent has played his tank and is most likely low on elixir. Place 1 tile behind the river so that it hits the tower and allows you space to place troops to counter his counters. Do not place it with an enemy tank in the other lane. It will most likely target the tank. Try to avoid playing it on the offensive. If your opponent plays a giant behind their tower, play the mortar in the other lane and counter the giant accordingly while dealing with his mortar counters.


Lumberjack – The secondary win condition in the deck, the lumberjack is best used to defend the mortar and counter push with an ice golem to tank. The lumberjack also helps to eliminate hogs and other fast-paced troops. The lumberjack is used very well when defending the mortar because upon death the mortar is raged.

Furnace – Both a good offensive chip building and a good defence building, the furnace is very important to have down at all times. Try to always position it to send fire spirits to the lane in which the mortar will be. The fire spirits are good for handling swarm units, including minions and horde, skarmy and barbarians. It doesn’t completely destroy barbarians or splash the whole minion horde but it damages them enough for the tower to deal with them. It also pulls giants, hogs, golems etc.

Mega Minion – The OP flying beast him/herself, the mega minion does what mega minions do. Use it to counter mainly flying troops and avoid using it to counter ground troops unless you know that they don’t have a mega minion/lava hound/powerful flying unit. It can clean up ground troops very well though. It is very versatile and resistant to spells so use it however the situation requires you to. Lumberjack Mortar Deck 

Ice Golem – The mini-tank and main distraction troop in the deck, this guy will usually go in front of your mortar to buy you time and deal slight damage to units, enough to kill skeletons and zap minions at tournament standards. If necessary, it can be used to kite troops like mini PEKKA, Prince or PEKKA.

Zap – The versatile stunner itself, zap’s uses are fairly self-explanatory. Zap minion horde, Sparky, goblin barrel, blah blah blah. Make sure to be wary of bait decks. If inferno tower is used to counter your mortar and it locks on, zap the inferno tower and place a troop so that it locks onto the troop. Lumberjack Mortar Deck 

The Log – The other versatile spell, the Log is one of the most useful cards in the game. Use it to knock back troops to buy time, kill small ground troops and cycle your deck. Just don’t waste it, okay?

Ice wizard – The OP legendary himself, the ice wizard is still, in my opinion, one of the best defensive cards in the game. It’s best use in this deck is defending attacks and protecting the mortar. Not much else to say, really. Lumberjack Mortar Deck 

Dealing With Common Pushes

Giant, Mega Minion and Bowler – Wait for all to cross the bridge. Pull the giant with the furnace, place an ice wizard to slow him down and then place the ice golem to distract the mega minion and bowler. Place your mega minion to take out his mega minion while distracted and go for the bowler afterwards. Then place a mortar under the cover of the surviving troops to counter push. Lumberjack Mortar Deck 

Valk+Hog – Pull the hog with the furnace, use the mega minion to eliminate the valk and the lumberjack on the hog. If you have enough elixir, counter push with the mortar. Lumberjack Mortar Deck 

Tip: The best time to use the mortar is when your opponent doesn’t have a suitable counter in cycle. Make sure to analyse your opponents cards and be prepared to counter whatever they throw at you.

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