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Lumberjack Miner Deck for Arena 8 and 

Lumberjack Miner Deck,Hey guys, today I am going to show you an outstanding and easy to use Lumberjack Miner Deck which is rocking in Arena 9 at the moment.Lumberjack Miner Deck With the current balance update from Supercell, Lumberjack is now much more viable.Lumberjack Miner Deck, Lots of players in Arena 9 are using him and most decks from top players are utilizing this Lumberjack.Lumberjack Miner Deck

Lumberjack Miner Deck

Card Breakdown

Lumberjack: Lumberjack Miner deck is now one of the best deck in Clash Royale. It just offers too much with its price. He now can easily solo 1 vs 1 with most 4 Elixir troops. He is also perfect at dealing with small troops like Miner or even some tankier ones like Giant. When you defend with Lumberjack and you have enough Elixir to spare, attempt to couple him with Musketeer  to deal some great damage before the x2 Elixir time. His attack speed and movement speed now is incredibly fast, your opponents need to think quickly If they want to deal with him probably. Playing with Lumberjack is extremely funny 



Miner – Now that the Miner takes 1 second to deploy, he is less of a win condition, and more of a utility card meaning that you should use him multiple different ways. Use him to take out Elixir Pumps, defending Princesses or Ice Wizards, or even to distract an Inferno Tower from locking onto your  mini P.E.K.K.A..Lumberjack Miner Deck


Baby Dragon  – The Baby Dragon is essential in this deck because it is your primary defense against minions and the minion horde. The Baby Dragon is also a great secondary support troop to aid your Mini  P.E.K.K.A. i Baby Dragon far enough behind so that she will not be targeted by the tower. Although she is a pseudo-tank, the Baby Dragon is better used in this deck as a support troop.Lumberjack Miner Deck

Musketeer – The Musketeer has become increasingly more popular since the nerf to the princess because she’s so good at defending and supporting. The Musketeer paired with zap will make quick work of minions if you don’t have a Baby Dragon in your rotation. She’s also great with the Lumberjack if you need a quick tower. One thing I love about her, is that she has the range to defend a push on one lane and then walk down the other lane if you place her on the right spot.Lumberjack Miner Deck

Elixir Pump – You will want to do everything you can to protect your Pump. If your opponent has a Miner, be prepared at all times to answer it with your own Miner or the Lumberjack. Make sure that you position the Pump closer to your tower with the most health so that it is less likely to be Fireballed or Poisoned. Placing it between your king towers is a good option if your opponent is using the miner. If you are playing in a tournament, this card is critical when you’re facing tough opponents. If you’re facing someone that isn’t as tough, you could probably pull off a successful 3 crown victory without this card if you played your cards right. I’d recommend not risking it though.Lumberjack Miner Deck

Zap – Even with the reduction in its stun duration, Zap is still a powerful card and is useful in so many situations. I tried switching Zap our for Arrows but found that the utility it provides is just too much to pass up on. Use it to take out smaller troops that are good at distracting your Mini P.E.K.K.A. or at defending against Cycle decks.Lumberjack Miner Deck


Mini P.E.K.K.A: The main boss to the deck. Most people think Mini P.E.K.K.A is weak because it gets distracted really easily. Well with this deck every card will support the Mini P.E.K.K.A and get her to the tower! Never place her in the back, drop at the bridge with your attack combos and be aggressive.The awesome thing about this deck is you can always mix it up, and keep your opponent guessing,Lumberjack Miner Deck


Cannon: Again, I believe every deck needs a defense card. I prefer the cannon because it is a great counter to Hog with the potential for a positive elixir trade and also distracts the Giant enough to take it out for an even better Elixir trade. Of course you can switch this out for inferno or bomb, it’s based on how you play but I personally like the Cannon.Lumberjack Miner Deck



Hog Cycle Decks: Dealing with Hog Cycle Decks is not hard at all, especially after the Zap nerf. Use Zap on supporting troops and tke out Hog Rider with either Hog Rider or Lumberjack. Then, counterpush ưith Lumberjack + Musketeer + Mini pekka combo. You will take some damage for sure but you will have a strong counter push,Lumberjack Miner Deck

Hog Trifecta Decks: Use Mini pekka wisely and you can easily deal with Hog Trifecta. If your opponent drop the Musketeer next to his Elixir Collector, I would recommend you Miner them! If he doesn’t, use Poison to defend beside your Musketeer, Lumberjack,Mini pekka and Zap. It’s okay to take some damage before the x2 Elixir time, you will wreak him in the x2 Elixir time, Lumberjack Miner Deck


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