Lumberjack Miner Chip Deck

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Hi Guys The_Clash_Dude here and today i am going to show you Lumberjack Miner Chip Deck which is working well for me in arena 9 This is very Good deck for Arena 9 players This deck is all about chip damage! You want to use the Lumberjack, Barrel, Miner, and the Dart Goblin to get the chip. Wizard also helps, and you should include him in most So check Out this Lumberjack Miner Chip Deck guide

Lumberjack Miner Chip Deck

Lumberjack Miner Chip Deck Card Role:

Lumberjack: You don’t see this guy in the meta much at all. However, here, he shines in this deck and is one of the stars of the deck as well. He is super capable on offense and defense alike. He attacks so fast that he is a decent tank control method too!Use him against Knights, Giants or any other tank in the meta!When using him offensively, he works best with the Goblin Barrel, as his Rage will give the resulting Goblins more attack speed and damage.He also works quite well with other cards in this deck too, like Dart Goblin or Miner, as he has decent health as well.

Goblin Barrel: The other staple of the deck. For just 3 Elixir, you can do so much with it! You can push offensively with it, use it on an annoying Siege building, or to destroy the defensive structure that keeps shutting down your pushes. Even without impact damage, it is still a force to be reckoned with, especially after the Zap nerf. It also synergies well with most of the other cards in this deck, like Lumberjack or the Miner.


Wizard: Your main form of swarm troop control. Use him against Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, and higher hit point troops like Mega Minion or Balloon combos.He, like the Barrel, is very versatile on offense. He can be used with Lumberjack after defending to create a terrifying counterpush.Sure, he costs 5 Elixir, but he’s worth it for that cost because he has one of the best damage-to-cost ratios in the game

Miner: This shovel-wielder is great at shutting down structures or Siege buildings as well, just like the Barrel. *He also synergies well with the Barrel, as Miner+Goblin Barrel is such a classic push ever since his release! His ability to travel anywhere in the Arena makes him great for shutting down unreachable support troops that are chipping your counters, like Witches or Princesses. Like I said earlier, he has above average offensive capability as well. Use him with the Barrel, Zap, or Lumberjack, or if you’re feeling rascally, all of them! If you do not have the Miner, use the Knight instead. He deals similar damage and has similar health, so gameplay with him shouldn’t be too different, except he can only be placed in your territory.

Dart Goblin: Versatile fast troop Dart Goblin is best used with Lumberjack, despite the fact that he will be out of range of his Rage Spell. He can also be used defensively to whittle down mini-tanks such as Valkyrie, but keep him away from Muskets! However, he is only 3 Elixir, so he is a cheap card that the opponent has to counter.

Skeleton Army: Your second, and last, method of tank and mini-tank control.For 3 Elixir, they can take down a Giant if left ignored. They are also very good at dealing with Hogs or Battle Rams, as they surround a target very quickly, and therefore, can kill it quickly.You can also use it with the Inferno Tower, the tank killer, to kill Elite Barbarians. They are, however, susceptible to many, if not all, spells, so have something at the ready if they die, like LJ or Inferno Tower.

Zap: The iconic, all-around, 2 Elixir spell that everyone loves, even after its nerf! Has great capabilities, both offensively and defensively.Pair it with Lumberjack to create a cheap but lethal push, or pair it with the Miner or Dart Goblin to inflict massive chip damage!You can also use it to reset IT and ID, or use it to eliminate swarm troops too.Most of what Zap can do on offense can also be done on defense. For example, there is a Skarmy attacking your Lumberjack (he is attacking the Arena Tower), and you Zap it.

Inferno Tower: Your tank destroyer. Kills just about any high hitpoint troops.Use it with Lumberjack to create your counter, then solidify a counterpush with DG or the Barrel. Provides a lot of value for just 5 Elixir.Your opponent may Zap it, but you have a Skeleton Army! Even counters Inferno Dragon! So yeah, not much to say.For substitutions, you can try Inferno Dragon, but I recommend you stick with the Tower version.

Lumberjack Miner Chip Deck General Gameplay

Chip, chip, chip! This deck is all about chip damage! You want to use the Lumberjack, Barrel, Miner, and the Dart Goblin to get the chip. Wizard also helps, and you should include him in most, if not all, of your counterpushes. Lumberjack can be used to solidify counterpushes and really turn the tide. Miner+Goblin Barrel or Lumberjack+Dart Goblin are the two best pushes to use when the opponent places down an expensive tank, like Golem or Pekka. Just make sure you place your Inferno Tower down right after!

Lumberjack Miner Chip Deck Matchups:

Golem or Pekka: As mentioned earlier, whenever they do this, use one of the above pushes, then kill the tank with the Inferno. Not much to say. However, they may continue to push and go for a three crown, so watch out for similar behavior, especially if your opponent uses a Pump!

Royal Giant Furnace/Furnace Control: This is quite a challenge with this deck. Your best bet is to check the Furnace with the Miner. Keep the Fire Spirits away with Wizard, and counter push with Lumberjack.

Xbow Siege: Fairly easy to deal with. Use Miner and Lumberjack to check the Xbow, then use Dart Goblin to counter push. Watch for anything he places to defend Xbow, so have Zap or Wizard at the ready!

Mortar Siege: Very difficult and annoying to deal with, mainly due to Mortar’s dead zone. Your best bet is to use Inferno Tower on the Mortar, then counter push with the LumberBarrel push.

Hog: Another relatively easy deck type to counter, however, you need to know what to do if Skarmy or Inferno Tower are out of rotation. If they are out of rotation, use Lumberjack+Dart Goblin or Lumberjack+Wizard, then follow up with the Barrel. You can also try to outcycle your opponent, however, this deck is 3.6 Elixir, so it may not be possible.

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