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Hi everyone Lumberjack Giant Deck Arena 9 Velichor here and Today I want to share the Lumberjack Giant Deck Arena 9 that got me from 2300 to Legendary Arena. With This Lumberjack Giant Deck Arena 9 I also want to share an Advanced LJ Strategy, which is the main reason why this deck is better, IMO, than any other Lj deck I have seen so come and take a look at this guide Lumberjack Giant Deck

Lumberjack Giant Deck Arena 9

Lumberjack Giant Deck Composition + Explanation

Giant : The main tank of this deck. This deck is a beatdown archetype, so most pushes will have him in the front, as all the other troops are glass cannons. His placement depends on the situation: he can be placed behind the King’s Tower to start a push, or sometimes placed on the bridge when your defensive cards are substantial and strong enough to begin a push. Lumberjack Giant Deck


Lumberjack : Our timber-chopping friend is the staple card in this deck. Without him the deck is just a normal Giant-Poison deck. Mine was and still is Level 2, but level 1 will work well as well, it just will be weaker to Level 7+ Valkyries and Mini Pekkas. At Level 2, he can deal with these cards (with MP it requires a zap for him to survive, but only use it if the tower is NOT locked onto the Lj, otherwise it would be useless) quite nicely. The placement of him is EXTREMELY important. The deck will still work if you place it wrong, but nowhere nearly as well. Placement will be covered later 😉 Lumberjack Giant Deck

Musketeer : The main ranged unit in the deck. Works fantastically on defense and offense, especially under rage! Shuts down pushes and can be used to begin pushes too. Place her behind the Giant when starting a push, and on defense be sure to give some space between the Pump, the tower, and/or Giant and her, as Fireball is a big enemy of this deck. Lumberjack Giant Deck

Minions : Fantastic defensive card as well as offensive card. Placement is similar to the Musketeer, though they require to be a little closer, but be wary of Poison.

Cannon : The only defense in this deck, so treat it as such. Fantastic at shutting down (though it requires assistance) any kind of push, as well as luring building-targeting troops. Don’t be like Molt and place it right!

Poison : I know, this deck is one of those ‘cancer’ (smh) decks with Giant-Poison. But, good luck replacing this card. Fantastic on defense and offense, can shut down any push with assistance, and can be used to take out all troops around the tower. Staple card in this deck.

Zap : Needs no introduction or spell in the game

Elixir Collector : Same as zap, needs no introduction. Required in this deck as it has few low elixir cards.

Mini Pekka: For Defence

The perfect push has the Giant in the front, with the Musketeer, Minions, and Lumberjack behind him, with poison and zap handy. Lumberjack Giant Deck

Lumberjack Giant Deck Advanced Lumberjack Placement Strategy

The main reason this deck works as well as it has for me was because of this. Wanna know what my big secret is? Place the Lumberjack behind the Giant.Wait, that’s it? Why do that, you’ll lose the Rage effect?! Not quite. When you do this, your opponent will have three options: Lumberjack Giant Deck 

  1. Target and attempt to kill the Giant,
  2. Target and attempt to kill the support troops, mainly the Lumberjack
  3. Attempt to kill all the troops at once with two fronts of defense.

If they try..

  1. The Lumberjack and support troops will wreak have and both destroy any attempts to kill the Giant, as well as attack and severely damage, if not take out completely, the tower.
  2. The Lumberjack and support troops will kill the defensive troops, with hopefully only the Lumberjack dying. Here is why. The lumberjack is extremely good at both taking out medium health troops as well as killing multiple low hp troops. The musketeer provides high damage from behind, and the minions as well. The Lumberjack will most likely die, and that is exactly what you want to happen. This enrages all your troops, who will then go on to destroy the tower.
  3. All troops will be damaged slightly, but will mostly survive (maybe the minions or Lj), leaving the push successful.

This simple placement can confuse and destroy opponents quite easily, especially when accompanied by poison and zap.

Giant LumberJack Deck Common Counters and How To Counter The Counters

Inferno Tower: Use zap to reset the inferno and minions to distract. Presents an issue as it might use a lot of your elixir to allow the Giant to survive, so in some cases it is fine to allow the Giant to die. The Giant would have meat shielded the push well enough that your support units will destroy the Inferno Tower and move on to the Tower. This happened often to me but worked out fine.

Fireball: SPread out your troops more. This will prevent too much value for the incoming fireball, with the only cons being the minions dying and a few less dps on the offense so a few moments. The troops will correct themselves.

Tank and Splank: The troops will shred through the tank, but the splanker will most likely kill most of the minions or even the LJ. The first time this occurs will be punishing for you. But after the first time, save the minions so you can place them to attack the splanker after it has locked on to something else.

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I hope that this Giant LumberJack Deck Arena 9 guide If you have any questions about the Giant LumberJack Deck Arena 9 or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing




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