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Hey Lumberjack Balloon Deck Arena 9+ guys Today I will Show you Lumberjack Balloon Deck Arena 9+ Or Lumberloon deck is very Good for Arena 9+. You can Use This Lumberjack Balloon Deck Arena 9+ in Challenges as well After playing with this Lumberjack Balloon Deck Arena 9+ I recently reached at Arena 12 This Lumberloon deck is Fun to play

The lumberjack. Wanting to have a bit of fun I made this Lumberjack Balloon Deck that I tested out. After Doing Some math with my win/ loss ratio. I am currently at a 83% win rate with this deck after testing it in a few challenges I am free to play unfortunately. Take a look at these Top 17 Top 17 Clash Royale January Meta Decks 2018 

Though hovering around 4100 trophies and this deck is also good for Completing Quests Task So Come and take a look at  this Lumberjack Balloon Deck guide Take a look at these Top 17 Top 8 Clash Royale Best Lumberjack Decks 2018 Arena 9+ Decks


Lumberjack Balloon Deck

Lumberjack Balloon Deck Card Role:

Balloon- Main win condition of the deck. This deck lacks any high damage direct spells so you need to get this close to the tower, or to the tower. It’s not too difficult of a feat with this deck. You can combo it with any troop, especially in 2x elixir you can build massive spammy unstoppable pushes that get raged once your lumberjack dies. It’s very difficult to stop even with inferno tower. Death damage is significant, what most don’t realise is that it’s a decent defensive card vs minion horde. The bomb kills them all for an even elixir trade if you’re in a tight spot. ((Almost never as this deck does have arrows and minions of it’s own. Plus lots of cheap distractions))

Lumberjack- This is the tank for the loon. Now unlike most tanks you want this to die, not too soon but soon enough that the loon actually is able to rage up. It should be close enough to the tower, a raged loon will do massive damage and more times than not, significantly damage counters ((Musket)), or destroy them. (( Princess, minions, archers)). This is a very good defensive card. Melts tanks, hogs, great vs graveyard because of super high hit speed and highly underrated. Overall, a very versatile card. The main loon tank.

Top 8 Clash Royale Best Lumberjack Decks 2018 Arena 9+ Decks

Knight- Honestly I put this guy in because how good he is in defence. He’s great vs e-barbs. Musketeers, wizards, witches. He is GREAT. 3 elixir 1300 hp. Can shut down a valk. Tank a sparky shot. Counter a miner in miner poison decks. Also acts as a alternate tank for loon for a cheaper non raged loon push.

Goblins- I had skeles here initially but decided the ability to not be zapped made them worth the 1 extra elixir. They have amazing dps. Though, surprisingly not as much as skeles. All the same, they cannot be zapped which is the point of including them here for sneaky knight+ gobs or lj+ gobs push. ((Wait till you see what raged gobs or minions do to a tower))

Minions- Pretty much only air defence card. Use these wisely. You don’t want to waste them. Always save them if you know a loon Lava Or Any Other Tank is coming.

Inferno tower- Now one huge difficulty I faced. Pretty much the only difficulty was that it was hard to deal with lavaloon with just minions. I had miner instead of inferno tower and found that it was a base race vs lavaloon except his tank had ~ 3x hp of mine. Which made it very difficult. So I added inferno tower to the mix. It is great vs rg and alot of other tanks. You typically want to draw out lightning with building then use your troops so they don’t get hit. Placement is also key.

Arrows- As this deck lacks splash arrows is key. This card after the buff is great at taking out defensive minions and launching prediction arrows is less punishing than launching a prediction fireball.

Log- I included this simply for spell bait. If you, like me play grandchallenges every now and then. The only deck that has me annoyed is the knight , spell bait + pocket rocket deck. I’ll explain how to beat it later on into the guide but yeah, pretty much only reason I have this card here. Also arrows+ log. Shred most of 3m’s hp. You can defend with a sole knight. ((Positive trade only if they keep 3ms on same side. )) This deck can beat 3m’s relatively easily. Ie= Knight tank, minions/ gobs spank. Same concept with lumberjack + support. You just have to outcycle the opponents 3m’s.

Lumberjack Balloon Deck Gameplay:

So the key with this Lumberjack Balloon Deck is to. Figure out opponents counters. Perhaps launch a lumber jack goblin push. Just poke and prod with this deck. It is an aggressive deck at 3.4 average elixir cost.

You can launch cheap pushes that can’t quite be punished. Once you realise the counters, predictions are key.

Raged or not the horde can shred a loon. So launching prediction arrows can give it ~1-2 extra hits. Depends how much of a jedi you are.

Now this is more of a challenge deck. My cards are super underlevelled for ladder. Gobs will be zapped, minions zapped.

My only saving grace is my level 11 knight. Though for me this is definitely a challenge deck so the challenge meta is different to ladder. Less RG, more golem, lava, spell bait etc.

You have 2 spells. I will focus on the knight + rocket spell bait as it for me is super annoying. This variation didn’t have the rocket but I do believe it is replaced by fireball.

Fireball is totally fine on challenges because of how long OT is. Ladder would require rocket in the deck to do more damage.


Lavaloon- You want to pressure oppoite lane. Prevent opponent from putting down loon. Minions should be saved for loon. Use inferno tower on loon, not on lavahound. So only after loon is put down should you place it. Just tank the lavahound and put down a tank of your own when it explodes into pups. Ideally you want to draw out troops in opposite lane by adding pressure. If you find it hard to play. Swap out knight and put in maybe a musket or a mega minion.

Golem- Similar principle but no need to worry about the balloon. Inferno tower, knight for support. Minions can spank while knight tanks. Arrows are always handy. Be prepared for lightning so away from tower but keep arrows ready for minions.

Royal giant- Rare in challenges but inferno tower shuts them down. Affow for minions. Lumber jack for additional dps.

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