how to use lumber jack

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How to use Lumber jack hi guys here i share some tips of Lumberjack how to use lumberjack “He chops trees by day and hunts The Log by night. His bottle of Rage spills everywhere when he                        dies.”

how to use lumber jack

how to use lumber jack





What is LumberJack


  • Lumberjack is a melee troop. He can target only 1 troop at a time! You can get a LumberJack in one of the chests found in the new Frozen Peak Arena 8
  • Lumberjack is like a upgraded Mini Pekka. His movement is pretty fast.He brings a bottle of Rage Spell and drops it down upon deaths, giving all allies (buildings and troops) nearby the Rage effect. The Rage Spell effect lasts for about 8 seconds.


How to Use LumberJack


  • He is best to be supported with other troops because when he dies, the Rage will make the other troops do great damage
  • This will give a 40% boost to nearby troops around him. He can also swing an axe that do single target damage.
  • He can also be used defensively. If he is killed while near your Arena Tower, the resulting Rage will be dropped on the Arena Tower, increasing its attack speed
  • You can also capitalise on this by placing other buildings in front of the Arena Tower.
  • With just 4 elixir cost, the LumberJack is so much cheaper than the Rage spell. You will also have a troop at the same time
  • huge push with PEKKA + Lumberjack + Wizard

How to counter


  • Countering it is fairly easy, use Goblins. Better yet, aerial troops such as Minions or Minion Horde can get rid of him safely without being damaged by him



  • Since he is a single-target troop, a group of Goblins and Skeletons can bring him down but mind theRage spell he drops. You might want to get rid of him away from your opponent’s units to not get influenced by it.

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