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Hi Guys  As a passionate siege player, I wanted to share a Log X Bow deck that has won me challenges, and approaches the X-bow play with a bit of a twist – massive explosions. I’ve also learned to love my IDragon, and I think once you play around with it and learn it’s mechanics, it is a better option than an inferno tower for less cost. The key to this Log X Bow deck is to go slow, NEVER play an X-bow right off the bat – you MUST know your opponent’s deck before you commit because you will be punished if you over-extend. let’s take a look on this Log X Bow deck Guide

X Bow Executioner Deck

Log X Bow Deck Card Role:

X-Bow – This is what this deck is built around. The trick to playing this deck rests with when you play this card. I struggled a lot with this deck at first, before I realized there are cards that you must have in play for this to work as it should (we will get to that later). X-Bow placement is going to be traditional – one tile back from the bridge, to the left or the right. Pro-tip: I have nullified opponent collectors that are played in front of their King’s tower by playing by Xbow in the middle of my side, just in range of their EC. This will really throw off their plans, and you only miss 1 cycle. Often they will panic and make a misplay.

Furnace – One of the support cards that you SHOULD have in play before dropping your X-bow. Optimal placement is 4 tiles behind the river, in front of the King’s Tower toward the side you want to play your X-Bow. This will start chip damage to their tower, or damage troops they play. In this location, it will lure the hog to the middle to be shot at by BOTH towers. It will also draw Giants / Golems. You will learn timing on when the fire spirits are dropped, and to play your X-Bow so they are right there when your opponent counters in the 4-sec deploy time. During the life of your X-Bow, you will have spirits coming to help clean up anything your opponent throws at you!


  1. Pro-Tip: In double elixir, if you can place this behind your arena tower that they are sending a miner at. I don’t recommend this earlier because you need a middle defensive building to deal with tanks and hogs. This deck will also work in Ladder (I’m in legendary with Furnace at 7), but it struggles against level 10’s. Log X Bow deck

Ice Spirit – Great utility card. I use this to deal with hogs, Mega Minions, or to provide support to my X-Bow. It’s pretty self explanatory. You will learn techniques, timing, and placement through practice. Really great card to help cycle, too.

Fire Spirits – This is how I deal with minions. Seriously, this deck will be punished if they have horde and you use this on something else without a furnace in play. This is part of what I wrote before about knowing your opponent’s deck – if they don’t have minion horde or minions, you can use this card more liberally, but save it in your back pocket. Through practice, you will learn placement and timing so you can maximize the AoE damage (i.e., playing it straight on against a horde so you kill them all).

Skeleton Army – Great zap bait and X-Bow protector. I will often play this immediately after my X-Bow, right in front of it. If you find they are countering your X-Bow with a single target cannon, this is a great play. If they are playing log / zap / arrows, either wait those out, or bait them other ways. Sometimes this will just buy me time. Also, great on defense to swarm a Hog / Pekka / mini-pekka / giant if I don’t have other options. Pro-Tip: If they are hard countering your X-Bow with an inferno tower, wait until you can play this card immediately after your X-bow to deal with the IT. Otherwise, the best you can hope for is a draw. Log X Bow deck

The Log – Just an amazing card. I’ve won multiple times on a last second log roll to get their tower. Main uses in this deck are to kill a princess, kill a swarm, clear the space in front of your X-Bow, small units, and to RE-TARGET! Advanced log tech is using this to push a musketeer into the other lane, out of range of your X-Bow. (as an example). This tactic works on hogs too and can save your damaged tower. If your opponent is playing Goblin Barrel, save this card for that counter! You will not have any other good ways to deal with barrel effectively. Log X Bow deck

Ice Wizard – The second support card you should have on the board or in your hand before placing your X-Bow (the other is furnace). I will often play this behind the King’s tower, so it walks up to the lane I want my X-Bow in. I’ve played around with MM and Princess in this slot, but settled with Ice Wiz. The slow is incredible. It will buy your X-Bow time, and will help keep it alive longer. Also, just an incredible card on defense.

Inferno Dragon – I was a strong believer in Inferno Tower, and still am when I’m not playing Furnace. This card, while tricky, is a great replacement in this deck. There have been games when I don’t play this card at all. There are times I play it a lot. IT’S PRIMARY ROLE IS DEFENSE! Do not lead with this card, to not try to play it offensively… THIS IS YOUR TANK COUNTER! Giant coming your way? Don’t play your X-Bow, plan how you will lure the giant to the middle with your furnace and position your iDragon so it will take that out. Compliment it with spirits / log. Against Royal Giant players? Well, that’s the toughest match-up for this deck. The RG will target your Furnace in the middle, so make sure you can play that. Use ice spirit or Ice Wiz to slow the Giant, and play the iDragon to melt the RG. This card takes a lot of practice, but it really is great. The best part is, after a successful defense, this card can make for a great counter potential! Log X Bow deck

Thank you so much for reading this Log X Bow deck! I am happy to answer any questions on match-ups, replacements, or tactics. Please remember, a lot of these cards will take practice, and they all have very specific roles. Like a LavaHound deck, this is a bit formulaic as you need to have proper support for your X-Bow before playing it

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