Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck

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Hey Guys! zeroskillspamus here with a Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck! Some of you may have remembered me from my last guide This is my primary ladder deck, and it works well even when against overleveled opponents when played correctly.Back in the Giant-Poison meta, I was playing a payfecta deck until it proved incompetent against it. Then I opted for something new — something I’ve never tried, or never even thought about using it.

I was scrolling through my card collection to find my most underleveled cards, and one particularly caught my attention: Mortar. So I upgraded it, tried to build a Mortar deck, and played a few matches. I eventually fell in love with the card, the siege playstyle of the Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck and became a dedicated Mortar player So Come and take a look at this Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck guide

Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck


Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck Card Role:

Mortar: the core of the deck and its namesake. Does many things: decent anti-Hog, snipes supports behind tanks, and a real surprise element. Since many people won’t be expecting Mortar, it’s usually best to save it when your opponent spent a good amount of elixir on something. Unless you have everything you need to support your Mortar, then you shouldn’t throw it out as a first play. One of Mortar’s unique features is its blindspot — this allows for good chip damage against a melee unit, and you’re going to have to rely on that small but consistent amount of damage to win the game.

Rocket: the other core of the deck. It offers the most damage out of all spells in the game, thus making it a great alternate win condition, or even as a panic button (it kills up to Sparky at tournament standards) When you’re Rocketing towers when it’s not double Elixir, make sure that 1) you have an Elixir advantage, or 2) you’re getting some additional value off of it (i.e. killing Executioner + some tower damage), and 3) you can deal with their potential rush, if they have rush cards. Do not Rocket Pumps if it is placed in front of the king tower, because it’s only an even trade. When using as a panic button (aka not casting it on the tower), be sure that either the troops you’re taking out is worth more than the Rocket itself, or that you have no other available counters.

Fire Spirits: 2 Elixir Fireball! Placement is everything with this card. Place it too far and the opponent can have an opportunity to Zap it. Too near and they’ll get killed. Fortunately, this card pairs very well with Ice Golem; place Ice Golem to tank, and Fire Spirits jump in for the kill. Be sure to abuse this combo to defend against your opponent’s pushes (it works well against Minions sent in to block Inferno, EBarbs, Minion Horde + Miner, 3m, etc.) It also pairs particularly well with Mortar as a cheap and quick way to remove small troops and defend the Mortar. It can also be used to cycle or deal damage to a unit if you’re in a pinch.

Ice Golem: everyone’s favorite tank! Amazingly versatile card for its cost. Can be used to tank for your units, defense, guard Mortar, synergizes well with Fire Spirits and Mega Minion. When Mortar is not in cycle, Ice Golem + Mega Minion forces the opponent to expend Elixir to deal with it. Ice Golem + Mega Minion on defense also works great, as it can stop backline troops like Musketeer and Executioner, then translating into a counterpush, or setting up for a Mortar play. It’s fine as a starting play, because you still have other defensive options, and killing it with a spell doesn’t really yield anything for your opponent. It also sets up a Mortar. You’ll find yourself using a leftover Ice Golem to set up Mortar after a successful defense a lot of times; an Ice Golem, no matter the health remaining, provides time to react to your opponent’s counters thanks to its frost nova.

Mega Minion: still great on defense after its two nerfs; spells don’t trade favorably with it, it has a good damage-to-cost ratio, it has enough health to take some beating, ground units can’t target it, and Ice Golem + Mega Minion is a cheap and threatening push. As a result, it complements Mortar very well — its high damage allows it to take out many things sent in to counter Mortar: Musketeer, Barbs, Hog, etc etc. Paired with Ice Golem, it is very hard to penetrate. A lone full-health Mega Minion can do about 500 damage to a tower, so it forces your opponent to spend even more Elixir.

Inferno Tower: the MVP on defense. Eats Golems and Giants for breakfast. Has a good amount of hitpoints and lasts for a while, and the reason why all tank beatdowns include Zap or Lightning. I like to do a 4-3 placement (4 tiles from river and 3 from the defending arena tower), and stall support troops with Ice Golem and Skarmy, or take them all out straight up with a Rocket. Not really much to talk about this card because it’s so straightforward: use it to defend against tanks, counter Minion-block with Fire Spirits. Next.

Skeleton Army: besties with Inferno. Used when your Inferno gets Zapped, Lightning’d, Rocketed (dunno why anyone would do that), etc. The one card that basically counters everything that doesn’t have a 360 splash (screw you Executioner), and threatens a push by itself. If your opponent has, say an Inferno or a Mini PEKKA as the counter to Mortar, you can do a prediction Skarmy. Similar to Ice Golem, leftover Skeletons are excellent for setting up a Mortar; Skarmy can distract and take out most troops, while Mortar does the damage. It forces your opponent to play a spell before sending in their troops, which could give Mortar the time it needs to lock on to the tower. Split Skarmy as a starting play is good if you have the right cards; you can play Mortar on one and Ice Golem on the other, making for a double-lane push (if you can call Mortar “pushing”, that is.)

The Log:The missing piece of the puzzle of siege decks, its defensive value is insane. It’s got decent damage, a pushback, area denial, separates tank from support, for only 2 Elixir! Reliably counters Goblin Barrel and Princess both for positive Elixir trades. Be careful when knocking back troops behind a Royal Giant, because you might push the RG itself out of Inferno range. It’s also a very helpful Tombstone remover, one of the better counters to Mortar. Log + Fire Spirits defend against pretty much all ground swarm troops (including 3M!)

Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck Combos:

Mortar + Ice Golem: similar to the infamous Hog + Ice Golem combo, the Ice Golem tanks while the Mortar does damage.

Ice Golem + Fire Spirits: counters Minion-block and 3m. This combo can also be used to chip a tower.

Ice Golem + Mega Minion: Ice Golem stalls troops, while Mega Minion takes care of it. Also translates into a push.

Mortar + Inferno: one of the more unusual combos; it’s used to chain pull building targeters when you’re defending it out on the last moments of the game, or your Inferno got destroyed.

Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck Matchups:

Giant Lightning: one of the matchups where you want to be aggressive, pull out his supports constantly and don’t allow him to push. Avoid letting the opponent to get value off their Lightning.

Hog Control: among the better matchups, Mortar usually gets two shots at the tower against Hog while Mega Minion takes it out while it’s hitting the Mortar. You have the very trusty Inferno against their Ice Golem + Hog push.

RG Furnace: Rocket cycle their tower, use Mortar to take out Furnace, try not to lose. 

Bowler Graveyard: THE toughest matchup, as this deck has 0 counters to Graveyard. Try subbing out Skarmy for Archers if you’re running into a lot of these.

Zap Bait: save Log for GBarrel. Fire Spirits are very effective against these decks.

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I hope that this Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck guide helps you to Reacherd 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the Mortar Rocket Cycle Deck or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing!