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Clash Royale Log Lumberjack Deck 2021. I saw some great ideas of the combo the Log + Lumberjack in the comment section. I decided to gave it a try and got lots of great results. This deck works extremely well in Tournaments as the Lumberjack is a surprising card in the current metagame. They buff the Lumberjack inside of the most recent changes. This is a hilarious deck indeed! Log Lumberjack Deck

Log Lumberjack Deck

Log Lumberjack deck Card Breakdown


Lumberjack: His attack speed and movement speed now is incredibly fast. Your opponents need to think quickly. If they want to deal with him, probably. Playing with Lumberjack is an extremely funny Log Lumberjack Deck.


I use The Log on defence most of the time. The Log pushes back most ground troops in the game and buys the Furnace some extra seconds to spawn the new Fire Spirit wave. The Long can easily ruin a Hog Rider push by push all troops back while killing Goblins, Fire Spirits… Log Lumberjack Deck

Fire Spirits: One of the best common cards right now IMO. Fire Spirits can easily help you deal with Barbarians, Minions, Goblins, Guards, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer… Great to couple with Hog Rider for the big push!

Barbarians are a top-rated card in Clash Royale due to the huge advantage it offers. Barbarians can easily stop Hog Rider (place them 2 tiles in front of your Tower when the Hog is about to cross the river) and the following support troops. 

Hog Rider makes this deck more interchangeable as he is swift for counter pushes. Yes, I use him for the counter push most of the time. Sometimes I couple him with Fire Spirits for a small big push Log Lumberjack Deck.

Musketeer is super versatile. She shoots down Balloon, Baby Dragon, Lava Hound… quickly and strengthens your counter push afar. She can also deal hundreds of damage to any unprotected Tower.

A furnace is very popular at the moment in Arena 8+. Great for distracting Hog Rider, Giant, Royal Giant. A furnace is also a great defensive building that helps you deal with almost any small push as Fire Spirits from the Furnace can easily 1 hit low HP support troops. 

Cannon: Again, I believe every deck needs a defence card. I prefer the canon because it is a great counter to Hog with the potential for a positive elixir trade and distracts the Giant enough to take it out for an even better Elixir trade.


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    Do this deck need a spell like zap? What if I want to have zap in there what is the best to change out?

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