Lightning Hog Deck

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Hi Guys YureiForest here and fromthe last 4 months I have been an trifecta player and it carried me all the way up to the dizzying heights of 2400, where I began to encounter goisen so i swapped Cannon for inferno and had moderate success. After 10/20, I attempted to use the same deck but found I was getting owned by miner cycle decks. So I played the deck you see below with a valk instead of a log for a while, and then by chance i decided to use the log, a few days later I found myself at 3000 trophies. lets tale a look on this Lightning Hog Deck guide

Lightning Hog Deck

Lightning Hog Deck Card Role:

  • Hog Rider: he main win condition of this deck. You will use him for quick raiding attacks on the enemy’s tower in conjunction with all cards in this deck (aside form Cannon). Hog rider is also a great defensive asset to break up pushes via a pig pull.
  • Lightning: Lightning should be used sparingly to avoid getting crushed while you have low elixir. It should rarely be used outside of the last minute, with the exceptions being for defense or to prevent a powerful and imminent counter push. Lightning Hog Deck


  • Guards: Possibly one of my favorite cards at the moment. They offer so much value for 3 elixir. I mainly will use them to defense against anything capable of dealing big damage to my tower, such as prince. The case can be made that a Skarmy will work just as well, but I personally don’t want to risk it being zapped away and allowing the attacking unit to get to my tower. Can also be used to pig push the Hog. Deal decent damage when left alone on a tower.
  • The Log: I used to really resent this card, but in the new meta and when paired with Zap, this card is a beast. Due to the rise in Zap bait decks using the goblin barrel recently, having two cards which instantly kill cheap units is not a bad idea. It can be used offensively with the Hog, or defensively to push units back or redirect them to the Cannon. Lightning Hog Deck
  • The Princess: My favorite card in the game. She is great on both offense and defense. I mainly use her in the opposite lane to the one I am raiding with my Hog as this applies split pressure. She is also amazing at defending the ever popular miner+minion horde combination by either killing the horde directly, or by baiting out the miner.
  • Ice Spirit: Good cycle card. Will mainly be used with the Hog rider for raiding attacks on the tower. Can also be used in conjunction with the Princess or Zap to kill flying units. Lightning Hog Deck
  • Zap: Versatile card. Mainly used to weaken/kill low cost cards for the tower to take out, such as minion hordes and goblins. Now with the growing popularity of Skarmy, Hog pushes will often be defended using them, therefore paring the Hog with a preemptive Zap can completely annihilate the defense and cause the enemy over spend elixir to stop the Hog.
  • Cannon: Cheapest defensive structure, used to pull building targeting units such as the giant and the Hog rider. Lightning Hog Deck

Lightning Hog Deck Strategy:

The main strategy for this deck is simple. Outside of the last 60 seconds you should mainly be concerned with defending whatever your opponent attacks you with and then going on counter attacks with the Hog or Princess. Inside of the last minute, you focus down your attack to a single lane. By now, you should know how they will counter your Hog and this will dictate what card you will use with your Hog rider. For example, if they used a building or hard hitter such as mega minion, musketeer or mini-pekka, couple the Hog with a Lightning. If they use small cost units such as fire spirits or goblins, use the log. Lightning Hog Deck


If they use minions units, send in the Hog with an Ice spirit and then hover the Zap. I generally have the most success by placing down the Hog right as double elixir starts and ready whatever card I am pairing it with.

Despite mainly wanting to play on the counter attack outside of the last 60 seconds, there are times where it is a good idea to go aggressive. For example, when the enemy places a Golem, it is best to attack the opposite tower with a Hog+Ice spirit as this will deal huge damage to their tower if left unchecked. Lightning Hog Deck

Alternatively, placing the Princess at the bridge in the opposite lane will demand a response, else she’ll be there chipping away at the tower until there is nothing left! This forces the opponent to weaken their push by spending elixir to kill the Princess. Lightning Hog Deck


With all that being considered, I hope have as much success and fun with this deck as I have had If you have any Question feel free to ask