Clash Royale Legendary Probability

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Hello, fellow Clash Royale players MrCilgin here and As you probably know, legendary cards are the rarest card type in the game(for now) and getting them is not a thing that happens oftenly. So today, I will tell you when you will get a legendary card from any chest so come and take a look at this Clash Royale Legendary Probability guide

Clash Royale Legendary Probability

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Clash Royale Legendary Probability First, let’s start with the easy ones.


Super Magical chest

You have a 68.40% chance of getting a legendary(Arena 10). To know when you will get one, you should count the other cards. You will get 136 rares, 22 epics and 526 commons(average) each chest. There are different kinds of combinations of cards you can get. For example, sometimes it will start by giving rares 3-4 times back to back, then give the full 500 commons, 22 rares and a legendary. Or it will give 3 different commons, the 130 rares, and sometimes split the epics between 8-16. If you have 7 cards remaining when you open the chest, you have a high chance of getting a legendary.

Free Chest
You are guaranteed to get rares and commons from a free chest if you’re above Arena 8. If there are only 2 cards remaining after the gold, then sorry but you won’t get a legendary. If it says 3, there are 2 scenarios; you will get gems and no legendary, or no gems which will give you a guaranteed epic OR legendary. If it says 4, then you are GUARANTEED to get an epic or a legendary if it gives you gems, if it doesn’t give you gems then you are guaranteed to get every type of card.(including legendary) And the rarest scenario is it will say 5 cards. If it does that, Congratulations because you got a legendary(and an epic).

Silver chest
It is almost the same as the free chest. But since you can’t get gems out of a silver chest, the chances of it saying 3 is very low. But in that case, you’ll get an epic or a legendary card. If it says 4(which is extremely rare) you are GUARANTEED to get a legendary.


Golden chest
The chances of getting a legendary from a golden chest is not that high, but it can happen. if it gives you all 3+ rares in 1 card, you have a chance of getting an epic or a legendary. If it continues by giving you 34+ common cards or an epic, you’re lucky because the chances are getting higher. If it gave you 34+ commons, then you are GUARANTEED to get a legendary. If it gives you an epic, it will either give you 34+ commons and a legendary, or split the commons which will mean you won’t get a legendary. Of course, it can split the rares at the start as well. If you have 5 cards remaining after the gold then the chance of getting a legendary is really high.

Magical Chest
It’s like the super magical chest, but the chances of it spliting the epics is pretty high. That will usually mean you won’t get a legendary, but it can still happen if you already got the rares and the commons you needed. If there are 8 cards remaining after the gold, there is a high chance you’ll get a legendary.

Giant chest
After the changes on the giant chest, it’s completely random if you’ll get a legendary or not. You can get one if it give you rares and commons(all of them) in the first 3 cards, then you have a chance of getting a legendary, although it can be an epic as well. If you get the epic, rares and commons in the first 3 cards, then you’ll get a legendary. This chest really likes to split the rares and the commons, so sometimes you won’t even get an epic.

Crown chest
This chest is almost the same with the golden chest, just with more cards in it. However, it’s more like a free chest because of the fact that it gives you gems. You are guaranteed to get gems, so the important part is the next 5 cards. It will almost ALWAYS split rares or commons. Getting an epic is likely in this chest. If it splits both rares AND commons(all of them before the last card), then you will either get a legendary or an epic. Remember that a legendary can be in the place of an epic in this chest, If they are both not in the chest already.


Epic chest
You will NOT get a legendary from an epic chest, only epics.



Legendary chest
You are guaranteed to get a legendary from this chest.


Thanks for reading This Clash Royale Legendary Probability Guide! I actually use the free chest part a lot every day when I’m opening a free chest.

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Today I had 5 cards remaining after the gold, and it got me an ice wiz. I thought those images were fake until it happened to me. That’s why I added it to the free chest part