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Legendary Party Challenge deck Hi Guys today I will show you some Clash Royale Legendary party Challenge Deck season 3 will help you to 8 win for legendary card In this 8 Wins Legendary Party Challenge Deck season 3 These Legendary party Deck are Used by Pro Players In Grand Legendary party Challenges and 8 Wins Legendary party Challenge Decks contain All legendary card

Legendary Party Challenge deck- legendary card only

There are only 3 legendary decks are use by system Legendary Party Challenge deck



Legendary Party Challenge deck
Holding cards is a huge part of using this deck, you need to work out what you can counter for a positive elixir trade


Legendary Party Challenge deck

If you face the sparky it’s a win cause rocket control. But don’t make mistake cause it’ll get too hairy to come back. If you’re facing mega knight hold out till double elixir. And defend only. Maybe don’t even use lavahound. Cause you don’t have enough elixir to even counter mega knight with the small splashers and ONLY lumberjack as your defense. AND he has ram rider too. But trust that if you get a counterpush with lavahound it’s super hard to stop. I beat some people with a lavahound graveyard combo. Rocket things like their air defense or a rocket at the bridge when it all pairs up is more useful than anything


both Sparky and Princess have their weaknesses. The Princess can be killed by many things, like damage dealing troops/spells, Arrows, The Log, and swarms of small troops if they survive her first attack. Sparky can be killed by troops like Electro Wizard, Zappies, any air troops, swarm cards, and powerful tanks/mini tanks.

Play like a hero and after 8 win you got legendary card

Legendary Party Challenge deck
Legendary Party Challenge deck