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Chest Cycles explained

Hi Guys Today i am going to show how Actually Chest Drops .The normal chest cycle which should be known by nearly all people contains 240 chests and you need 1-2 months to complete it (theoretically duration with non-stop opening is ca. 44 days).

Basically there is a chest order (or chest cycle) in game. Every Chest that you get after the Battles is based on Chest Cycle.When this cycle goes through, it will restart again.
By digging the game files, Asdamp (Pearce) has found this chest order list.

It contains:
– 4 Magical Chests
– 4 Giant Chests
– 52 Golden Chests
– 180 Silver Chests
After you complete the cycle it begins from new (of cause).

Chest drops and 240 chest cycle: In Clash Royale, chest drops are not random. However, Epic, Legendary and Super Magical chest cycles are random. This will be discussed in the next section. The chest cycle starts at 0 and ends at 239, then resets again. In the cycle, you are guaranteed to get… 180 Silver chests. 52 Gold chests. 4 Magical chests and 4 Giant chests. After getting your 239th chest, you will reset to 0 in the cycle.


500 chest cycle In Clash Royale, Epic, Legendary and Super Magical chests are completely random. To obtain a Super Magical chest, it will be placed in a 500 chest cycle, which is separate from the 240 chest cycle. It will be randomly dotted in the cycle. For example, if the chest number for Super Magical for you is 400, your 400th chest is guaranteed to be a Super Magical. This is the same for the Epic chest and Legendary chest. If you get the Legendary chest before the Epic chest, you will be guaranteed to get an Epic next chest.

Chests in shops: Epic chests and Legendary chests occasionally appear in the shop. The Epic chest gives you 10 epics from your arena for 10,000 gold. The Legendary chest gives you 1 legendary from any arena for 500 gems. Theoretically, they both cost the same amount. ( 500 gems = 10,000 gold ) Epic chests are much more common than Legendary chests from appearing in the shop. It is rumoured that the Legendary chest runs on a 21 day cycle. Every 21 days, you will receive a Legendary chest.

Chest cycle

Legendary Chest Pattern and Drop Rate :

  • Legendary chest cycle starts once the player reach 2,000 trophies and Epic chest cycle starts once the player reaches thousand Trophies the drop rate of these chest Depend also on the arena the player is in the chest cycle is in process
  • The drop rate of Legendary chest for a player about 3,000 trophies is one chest cycle(500 Chests) for as a player below 3,000 trophies is once in a two Chest cycles(1000 Chests) so
  • If a player is a legendary Arena he will get one legendary and one epic chest in every 500 chest but for a player below 3,000 trophies will get one epic chest and one legendary chest in every thousand chests 

We will consider the two scenarios to understand this better considering the first one

Let us assume you’re in Legendary arena with a chest cycle count of  498 and you have not received any legendary or epic chest yet in this case you’ll be getting a back-to-back legendary and Epic chest as the drop rate in legendary arena for Legendary and epic just is once 500 chest, There is High chance this to happen most player whould be near to there 500 chest cycle when the concept of legendary and epic chest was not introduced inside the clash royale so after the update since there are two new Chest added to the game there’s a high chance of them appearing back-to-back

  • Thats The reason so many peoples are getting legendary and epic chest back to back

Considering the second example

Let us assume you have received 498 Chest and Right before your 499 chest you drop the Frozen Arena  that is below 3,000 trophies in this case there is no guarantee that you’ll receive back-to-back Legendary an epic Chest because below 3,000 trophies the drop rate for Legendary and Epic chest is once in two Chest cycles that is every (1000 Chest) you mayt still get both of the Chest or one of them as a part of thousand chest cycle if you’re lucky but it is not guaranteed

  • Thats The reason so many peoples are getting only only Chest 


I hope this clears up the minds a bit about this topic.  Chest cycle Feedback is welcome.


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  1. Sonio

    Not true, the second time I also got a legendary and epic chest back to back. But if you receive the epic chest first you won’t have a legendary afterwards

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    Thanks for sharing this usefull artical its very helpfull to undaerstant about clash-royale-legendary-and-epic-chest-cycle

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    I just got a legend chest, but my next chest was a gold one, what is going on

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