lavahound deck

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Legendary Rumble Lavahound Deck

Hi Guys What’s up CrazyMush here and Today i showing you guys Legendary Rumble deck(lavahound deck) for Arena 8+ I’ve actually reached 3100 trophies, but I have so many gems and coins is because I bought that sweet arena 9 deal in the shop once I hit 3000 trophies.I call the deck “Legendary Rumble” because the deck includes 4 legendaries.This is very pretty good deck for tournaments Lets Check it out lavahound deck

lavahound deck

Lavahound Deck Card Role:

Ice Wizard: I don’t need to tell anyone how good this card is. This card + the tesla will stop 90% of pushes, with the bonus of being able to work him into a counterattack. I never really use him on offense directly, there’s not much of a point. If I need area damage, I’ll just use the poison.

Tesla: I think this card is a hidden gem. It is a great counter to hogs, valks, giants, etc. It hits air targets, so it can counter the lava hound pushes that are so annoying. This + the crown tower’s arrows, when put in the right place, can also counter a mini pekka and/or dark prince. It does a great job with golems and really is just a great all around defensive card that your opponent cannot easily use a spell against. As an added bonus, you can stick it right in the middle, so you don’t need to stagger it to one side like you need to do with other building cards.


Poison: This card is pretty OP. I like to use this card either to take out spear goblins, archers, princess that collect around the opponent’s tower during a lava hound push, or I like using it when my opponent uses a “chip damage” deck/ spawner deck. Those decks are put down really quickly when the opponent’s troops are bottlenecked through the poison.

Lava Hound: This guy was my first legendary, so he holds a special place in my heart. Since this deck doesn’t use an EC, I usually hold him until double elixir. If I drop him before double elixir, it’s absolutely imperative that you drop him at the very back of your lane, so that your elixir has time to recover before he crosses the river. Otherwise, just a couple of minions will destroy your push. I’ll also sometimes use him to soak up damage/distract troops if my opponent is trying to put together a huge push.

Fireball: It’s a fireball. Great against barbs, minion hordes, 3 musketeers, etc. It’s also a great way to finish up games. Fireball + poison can do upwards of 450 damage at 7/4 levels, which can take your opponent’s towers down if they’re at low health.

Miner: This card isn’t as good now that it got a longer deploy time, but it’s so unique that I still find it very useful. It’s obviously a direct elixir pump counter, but now that’s a little harder with the longer deploy time. He’s also super valuable when your opponent has a defensive card locked onto your lava hound during a push (Musketeer, wizard, ice wiz etc). You can use him to take out a musketeer or wiz pretty quickly. lavahound deck

Lumberjack: I just got this card before I hit legendary arena, but it’s what pushed me from ~2800 trophies to 3000+. It’s really strong. I mean really really strong. It’s like a mini pekka + rage spell for 4 elixir. I love using it defensively against a slow push, like a giant or something like that. If you’re careful about your deploy time and where you place it, you can then transition the lumberjack into a counterpush that has a lot of potential. lavahound deck

Guards: These guys are actually really important defensively. I rarely use them on offense, but I just ran into so many damn Sparky decks in the 2400-2700 range that I needed to incorporate them. They’re a great sparky counter, just drop it right on top of sparky when he crosses the bridge. They’re also a positive elixir trade for mini pekkas, princes, pekkas, lumberjacks, etc, and I quite frankly don’t understand why they aren’t used more often in the current meta. lavahound deck

Lavahound Deck Gameplan:

This deck is a pretty controlled, slower deck. I have very few 3 crown wins using it. Not sure if it’s a counterattacking deck persay, but it’s hard to win without using some sort of counterattack. The whole point is to try to use the slight “overpowered” advantage that legendary cards have over commons/rares to create an elixir advantage before making a full push. lavahound deck

To start, I usually choose not to attack first unless I get a complete garbage first 4 cards – something like lavahound, miner, fireball and poison. I like dropping ice wizard first on whatever side my opponent drops their first card, but if I don’t have him in my hand I’ll usually put the tesla down, since they’re really no point in waiting with 10 elixir and losing the opportunity cost of the elixir that could be building up. lavahound deck