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Hi Guys Sneak Peek 4 is here Supercell announced that the new Clash Royale Leagues System which is going to be added into the game in the upcoming march huge update so Its very Enter the first League at 4000 Trophies Collect a monthly season reward based on the highest League you reached New Chest: Draft Chest offers multiple card choices – choose your own reward! Draft Chest is only available as an end of season reward in Leagues So come and take a look at this Clash Royale New Leagues System

Clash Royale Leagues System

How the Clash Royale Leagues System works

Above Legendary Arena are Leagues. It’s still Legendary Area and still offers the same size chest. The new Arena 11 chests offer 8% more cards compared to the lower Arena st 3800-4000 Throphies range No league, Just the new legendary arena Leauges as Below Check Out here Into Depth



challenger I Challenger I: 4000 Trophies

challenger II Challenger II: 4300 Trophies

challenger III  Challenger III: 4600 Trophies.

Master I Master I: 4900 Trophies.

Master II Master II: 5200 Trophies.

Master III Master III: 5500 Trophies 

Champion Champion: 5800 trophies

Grand Champion Grand Champion: 6100 Trophies.

Ultimate Champion Ultimate Champion: 6400 Trophies.

Instead of 2 weeks now  each season will be resets at every 1 month One Thing Which is very good in this leauge system which is If you are in Challenger leagues, when the season resets, you will get down to 4000 Trophies or If you are in Master leagues, when the season resets, you will get down to 4300 Trophies. Higher, you will get reset to 4600 Trophies!The season reset, as mentioned above, changes based on where you end in the season.

Season will rest as Following:

  • Challenger’s League Trophy Reset: 4,000 Trophies.
  • Master’s League Trophy Reset: 4,300 Trophies.
  • Champion League’s Trophy Reset: 4,600 Trophies

The new Draft Chest in Clash Royale

After season reset You will get new Draft Chest based on you Leauge For Example Challenger I unlocks at 4000 Trophies. If you get there, you will get 1 Draft Chest when the season resets!The awesome thing about this chest is you can even pick the one you want between two cards, as you can see here!

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