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Hi All lollageee here and today i am going to show you LavaLoon Clone Deck  I’m a level 11 F2P player, dropped down to around 3800 testing out horrible deck ideas, and managed to climb back up to 4400 with a win-rate of around 85% As everyone knows, Clone is probably one of the most gimmicky spells in the game (with Rage as its main competitor…although

I get the feeling Rage is even more popular than Clone). However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be the best gimmick in the game So come and check out this LavaLoon Clone Deck full guide Top 5 Clash Royale Good Lava Hound Balloon Deck Arena 7+ 2018

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LavaLoon Clone Deck

LavaLoon Clone Deck Card Role:

  1. Lavahound : The bread and butter of the deck. Lavahound generates unbelievable value when used properly with clone, while still serving as a tank on its own to help get our other cards like Balloon to the opponent’s towers.
  2. Balloon : My personal favorite card in the game – the Balloon is what lets us win most games. No better feeling than having a Balloon actually hit the opposing tower. The damage from a Balloon is insane, and if your opponent is not completely prepared to deal with it they can very easily lose a tower.
  3. Minions: A staple in many decks – minions provide a great boost on offense and defense, being extremely versatile and able to counter a ton of different troops in the game. Toss them behind a Lavahound and you have a pretty scary troop right there.
  4. Skeletons: I consider this card to be the most value-generating card in the deck. They can distract almost any troop if placed properly, and act as a soft-counter to Giants, Hogs, and even Royal Giants.
  5. Knight : Second favorite card in the game – the Knight will act as the main defense of the deck. Drop him against pretty much any small push and he will stop it. Can also act as a back-up tank/side-push card depending on the situation.
  6. Zap: Pretty straight-forward, use it to deal with hordes, Inferno Towers, etc.
  7. Fireball: Same as above – pretty standard usage.
  8. Clone : Filler card, just here to finish the last slot in the deck. Jokes aside – Clone is pretty much the ultimate tech card in this deck. Use it to clone LavaLoon for a crazy push. More details below.

Clone Techs:

  1. The Balloon death bomb. Never be afraid to use your Balloon to deal with their air defense. If you have a LavaLoon push going, do not be afraid to Clone your LavaLoon in the face of defenses such as Minions. The Cloned Balloon will immediately die, and the resulting death bomb will deal with their Minions/Minion Horde. Another great way of using the Balloon death bomb is if they play a ranged defense a little too close to your push. Since most players understand a lone Lavahound is not scary at all, the focus of their defense will be in dealing with your Balloon. The double death bomb will put most ranged defense troops within kill range of a Zap, leaving your Lavahound and its Clone (most likely Clone pups at this point) with zero resistance against their tower.
  2. Sorry Inferno Tower/Drag. Clone is a wonderful counter to the Inferno Tower/Dragon. The Clone will always spawn to the right of the original, so if you know your opponent has one of these two counters immediately start playing in the left lane (or the right lane if your opponent seems to always drop the Inferno Tower/Dragon on the side closest to the edge of screen). The ideal scenario would be for your Lavahound to draw Crown Tower fire, and just before the Inferno Tower/Dragon is able to lock-on to it, drop Clone. The resulting Cloned Lavahound will draw the Inferno Tower/Drag’s attention, subsequently pop, and continue stalling out for your other Lavahound and whatever you have behind it to safely reach the Crown Tower. Never be afraid to use Zap to refocus the Inferno Tower/Drag on your Cloned troops if possible. Be wary of the opponent using their Zap/Arrows/Fireball to deal with the Cloned troops ASAP. If they do, back-up your push with Minions for extra distraction/damage.
  3. Dodging a Rocket. Yes, it is entirely possible to actually dodge a semi-poorly placed Rocket spell with an extremely quick reactioned Clone. Several decks use Rocket to deal with the Balloon as a last resort, and if it is not aimed properly, it will miss the Balloon (or at least its Clone) because of the movement created from the Clone spell.
  4. Refocusing fire. As mentioned before, Clone moves your original troops to the left a little, and the Clone pops out on the right. If the positioning between your troops and their troops is correct, a Clone can change their troops fire to the newly created Clones (useful for poorly placed Inferno Dragons/Towers.)

LavaLoon Clone Deck Matchups:

  1. Hog Cycle: This match-up is a great lesson in learning to play this LavaLoon Clone Deck. You will have to learn to give up a tower and go for the 3-crown. Minimize the damage they do to you by just dropping a Knight or Skeletons as defense (Minions if you’re caught in a bad cycle). Be sure not to play the Skeletons into an Ice Golem. Otherwise, prep-up your LavaLoon and go straight for their towers. Hog Cycle decks tend to have very limited air counters, scope out what they have and toss Fireballs/Zaps to deal with their defense.
  2. Royal Giant anything: Again – it is highly likely you lose a tower here. To stop the Royal Giant from severely ruining your day, you need to drop Skeletons/Knight/Minions to deal with it. Since you should already be prepared to lose a tower, wait for whatever support they played behind the Royal Giant to walk in front of it (since nothing can actually hit your tower from behind it besides like a Princess), then drop your Skeletons/Knight/Minions to deal with that troop before moving onto the Royal Giant. Standard LavaLoon push + Clone/Zap/Fireball to take towers.
  3. Elite Barbarians: Similar playstyle to Hog Cycle match-up, you need to do as little as you can to minimize the damage they do to your tower as much as possible, and then go for a huge win with the LavaLoon push.
  4. Graveyard Decks: Minions are a hard counter to the Graveyard, and the Knight and Skeletons and severely soften the impact the Graveyard can do to you. If it is a Graveyard cycle deck (ergo, not a Giant/Golem push with the Graveyard), then build up a huge LavaLoon push on the other side and go for broke. More on Giant/Golem counter play in the next point.
  5. Slow Push Decks: This honestly includes any deck that runs slow-push cards such as Giant, Golem, PEKKA. The best way to play against these is not the standard push a side-lane, it is actually to play the exact same lane they are pushing. Since we are running LavaLoon, this means the opponents responses to our push are already severely limited, whereas everything we play to backup our push can hit their Giant/Golem/PEKKA. Against another Lavahound though, I recommend pushing the opposite lane, and waiting to see what they push their Lavahound with to counterplay. Use Minions/Fireball/Zap to safely stop their push depending on what they go with, and then try and out push them with your LavaLoon Clone push.
  6. Zap Bait Decks: This is a perfect deck to use the Balloon clone death bomb tech or the Inferno Tower tech. Zap bait decks basically only have IT or Minions to counter your push, while they struggle to get 3-crowns due to the nature of the deck. Use Zap/Knight/Skeletons to make their pushes less effective, while you slowly build up the elixir advantage to get a LavaLoon Clone push off.

LavaLoon Clone Deck Extra Notes:

  • Toss a Knight by itself in the opposite lane to divert their attention from your main push. A lone Knight can do a lot of damage on its own, and trades positively with most melee troops with a lower elixir cost than itself. Anything greater and you basically get a positive elixir trade for your push, and if they throw a range troop on defense there it just means one less range troop to defend your LavaLoon.
  • Don’t be afraid to forgo the Balloon entirely. Lavahound + Minions, or even a Knight, can be enough to win games.
  • BE PREPARED TO LOSE A TOWER OR TWO. The best way to gain elixir is to literally just let them take a tower. This LavaLoon Clone Deck has so much 3-crown potential when played properly that losing a tower is not an issue.

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Thanks for reading this LavaLoon Clone Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.