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LavaHound Lumberjack Deck Arena 8+

Hey guys,MarauderV8 here and if you’re tired of playing Giant / Poison and want to try something different, give this deck a try. I just used it to push to 4000 trophies and it’s actually pretty fun to play. I had never been a big fan of the Lava Hound, so it didn’t see much use, but I decided to give it a shot as the new Mega Minion pairs really well with it. LavaHound Lumberjack Deck

LavaHound Lumberjack Deck

LavaHound Lumberjack Deck Card Role:

Lava Hound – Flying tank, and the core of the deck. Lava Hound by itself does not do much damage, most of the damage output is done by the Lava Pups that spawn after the Lava Hound is destroyed. However, like the Minion Horde, the Lava Pups can be countered relatively easily, so they must be supported. Like other tanks, the Lava Hound can be used to soak up damage from the support troops of your opponent’s tank allowing you to take out their tank and counter push.

Zap – Even with its last change, Zap remains the best utility spell in the game. For the purposes of this deck, it is mainly reserved for zapping units inside the Poison radius, resetting Inferno Tower, and finishing off damaged troops.. LavaHound Lumberjack Deck


Minions – Minions are a cheap, high DPS unit that pair well with the Lava Hound. If your opponent fails to address Minions that are sent out with a Lava Hound, they will destroy the tower before the Lava Hound dies. Many times people will Zap the Minions before the Lava Hound dies, allowing the spawned Lava Pups to deal significant damage to the tower. Minions are useful for killing a Minion Horde that has locked onto the Lava Hound. Their low health makes them easy to kill, but against ground units that cannot target air, they absolutely shred anything in their path. LavaHound Lumberjack Deck

Mega Minion – A flying Mini PEKKA that moves at the speed of a Valkyrie. When dropped behind a Lava Hound, the Mega Minion can handle nearly anything your opponent uses to counter the Lava Hound. Mega Minion is very strong against Giant / Bowler decks as the Bowler cannot attack air. Mega Minion can live through a Fireball two levels higher, so it can handle quite a bit of punishment. People will still use Fireball, Arrows, and/or Zap on it for negative trades. Mega Minion kills Minions, Princess, Goblins, etc in one shot, so it is also useful for clearing Minion Horde from your Lava Hound.

Poison – One of the most popular card in the meta right now. Poison has great synergy with tank units because it forces the countering cards to sit in the Poison for its entire duration. Most common uses in this deck are directly on the arena tower once Lava Hound reaches it. Defensively, it’s used for clearing tank support units and cheap swarms. LavaHound Lumberjack Deck

Lumberjack – Lumberjack acts as the main ground defense, being the only ground troop in the deck. The Lumberjack can solo a Miner / Goblin push for a positive trade. On offense, he forces a ground response from the opponent which is usually useless against Lava Hound. So not only is the opponent usually forced to counter the Lumberjack with another ground units (Goblins, Barbarians, etc)

Elixir Collector – Useful for financing the 13 elixir main push as well as forcing your opponent to respond to the Elixir Collector, drawing attention away from the Lava Hound. Many players will automatically Poison / Fireball the Elixir Collector instead of the main push, allowing your support troops to live longer.

Tombstone – The Tombstone is one of my favorite buildings in the game. It is hard to describe all of its uses, as they are many. If you watch the gameplay video, you will see the various ways I use the Tombstone to my advantage. However, here are some common uses: LavaHound Lumberjack Deck

  • Building-only units – Tombstone will pull these units towards the Tombstone and draw fire away from your tower. When the Tombstone is destroyed, the Skeletons that spawn from it will help counter as well as work a Zap bait. If a Giant or Royal Giant is locked on to your tower, you can drop the Tombstone directly on top of them to force them to retarget to your Tombstone.
  • Prince / Mini PEKKA – Hard counter to both of these. A Tombstone and the arena Tower can finish off both of these for a positive trade.
  • Sparky – The constant stream of Skeletons will soak up Sparky shots. Also, Tombstone can be dropped directly onto the Sparky to force her to retarget and shoot the Tombstone.
  • Princess – As with Sparky, when a player drops the Princess behind their King Tower, a Tombstone can cause the Princess to stall and soak up her shots, forcing your opponent to make another play.
  • Inferno Tower – Tombstone distracts the Inferno Tower while your tank makes its way to the arena tower

LavaHound Lumberjack Deck Basic Strategy

The best way to learn how to play this deck is to try it out. You can get the overall strategy of how I play it from the gameplay video and tailor it to your style. However, here are some overall tips:

Give this deck a try and let me know what you think! Questions? Leave them here. Thanks for reading!


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