Lava Hound Miner deck

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Lava Hound Miner Control Arena 6+

Hi guys,Harbingerfall here and today I’m sharing with you guys a guide to my Lava Hound Miner deck .Lava Hound was my very first legendary, I got it the exact day it was released. Been playing it ever since. Well, I’ll jump right into the Lava Hound Miner deck.  Lava Hound Miner deck

Lava Hound Miner deck

Lava Hound Miner deck Card Role:

  • Hound Primary tank. The hound is the backbone of this deck, and is not replaceable. Start your large pushes with the hound in the far back outside corner unless countering the loose musk(see below). Don’t be afraid to start the match with a hound. I personally like to test the waters a bit to see how they will defend so I can prepare my cycle for the second push. Lava Hound Miner deck
  • Mega Minion: The mega minion is one of the new additions to CR, and it’s already making a splash. Overpowered? Probably. But if it is we want to make sure we are using that to our advantage. The MM is the primary support for behind a hound in this deck. When the hound passes the river, put MM a little bit on the outside. That will shield it from all musk-able angles. Lava Hound Miner deck
  • Lightning: The new buff to lightning was exactly what it needed. Now the lightning spell resets inferno towers, letting the hound overcome what used to be its number 1 counter. As I previously mentioned, lava hound is immune to high dps-ers. Its weaknesses are things like musk, wiz, ice wiz, princess, MM and assorted glass cannons. You know what can kill all of those? You guessed it. Lightning. Lightning can take a lot of precision to use, but can pay off big time. Taking out a wiz, pump, and doing tower damage? Positive elixir trades. Lava Hound Miner deck
  • Mini pekka: Mini pekka is a bit of a multipurpose card. I rarely use him on offense, but it has been known to happen if he’s coming from a counter or if I know he can reach my opponents glass cannons. He is also great on defense against tanks when you need that high dps. Lava Hound Miner deck
  • Ice wizard is still the best defensive card in the game for his cost. Sure, bowler is good but ice wiz is cheap. I almost never use this for offense. Literally never. But he is great for defense.
  • Tombstone is another staple card of this deck. Sure, you can replace it with guards, but you lose the offensive capabilities. Tombstone is great for stalling, for leading troops to the middle, and for forcing your opponent to counter ground when the hound is in play. Also good when you have full elixir and want to prep for a slow push. Probably one of my favorite cards rn. Lava Hound Miner deck
  • Arrows Most reliable counter to minions. Thats pretty much it. Maybe use it for princess. But never anything else. Lava Hound Miner deck
  • Miner is the third staple of this deck. He is also not replaceable. Miner is great for supporting that mini p coming for a counter with low health. He can also support an friendly MM. He takes out elixir pumps and hard counters spawners. However the paramount use is putting one down right when the hound pops. Even if the opponent defends perfectly, chip damage will be down. This combo is the basis of this Lava Hound Miner deck

Lava Hound Miner deck Strategy

Usually start with a hound in the bottom right hand corner. I prefer that corner since I’m right handed. But if you’re left handed, please feel free to use the left corner as well. Once it hits the bridge, support with MM on the outside. Keep lightning at the ready for inferno towers or splash damage. When the hound pops, throw in miner. I like to start these pushes when the tombstone is already down so I have dps on the ground. To deal with inferno towers skip the MM step and go right to lightning. Send miner in on pop.

Lava Hound Miner deck on Defense

Hog- lure to middle with tombstone and help out with ice wiz or mini p. Turn leftover skellies and support into counterpush using miner.


Giant-Similar. The key to giant is establishing control by separating the support using the hound. Giant is easy to take out by itself.

Lava hound– Stall with tombstone, use lightning to take out the support. Or arrows if its minion.

Bowler-I hate bowler. But MM does make quick work of him.

3musk-This is the hardest matchup for me. You have to be very precise with the lightnings. Very. Dont be afraid to let the hound die to land the perfect one.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide. If you have any questions be sure to ask.



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