Lava Hound Lighting Deck

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Hey all, kwegner here back with another deck post, this time with the Lava Hound Lighting Deck that helped me push to over 4000 as a level 10 since the balance update. I thought my lava hound deck was DEAD without poison’s slow, but I’ve been more successful now than ever before. Without poison in the meta any longer, squishy flying units are making a comeback! Lava Hound Lighting Deck:

Deck/proof: Click Here 

Lava Hound Lighting Deck

Lava Hound Lighting Deck Card Role:

  • Lava Hound: You know how this works. As the meta matures around Lava Hound you’re seeing more people use LH as a defensive tank that distracts musketeers/ice wiz/etc while mega minion destroys the rest of a push. This took me a long time to learn but has made a huge difference in win rates once I understood the value of the distraction. Lava Hound Lighting Deck
  • Miner: This meta has been great to the miner. Pumps are now an even greater elixir trade, and because of the risk involved I’m seeing fewer pumps in general. Because of this the miner is opened up to be the mini tank at the tower he was meant to be. He’s also great at dropping in on a musketeer/ice wiz/princess who would otherwise have ruined your lava pup DPS. Save your miner as a utility, not for chip damage. Before the update I would drop miner/poison ALL the time for great chip damage, but he’s far more useful in this meta when saved for perfectly timed drops.
  • Lightning: No surprise you’re seeing this here, but in all honestly…I’d say I use this card in fewer than half my games. I really need to replace it. Most LH+Lightning users rely on this to make their push work, but since I typically counter push with mega minion or minions/horde behind my lava hound there just isn’t much to lightning. Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll tell you what I DON’T do with lightning. I don’t lightning inferno towers because I frankly don’t care if the lava hound dies. I let my pups take it out with a miner in front instead. It works! I don’t lightning musketeer + ice wiz. I let my miner take them out. I don’t lightning anything for a positive elixir trade on offense in most cases…which seems dumb but it’s mostly used to take out annoying princesses/musketeers after pushes that I wasn’t able to wipe out. This is my weakest slot, obviously. Lava Hound Lighting Deck
  • Mega Minion: People say this card is overpowered…I don’t agree. I think it’s incredibly well balanced, I just don’t think people like teching their decks against air units. Regardless, I also wouldn’t swap this for any other card. This isn’t because he’s great on defense. He’s honestly just OK…he swings too slow to solo defend a lot of pushes. But the reason he survives for the counter is because nobody brings anti-air on their offensive push. It’s great! Anyway, I think you know how to play mega minion, and I can’t say I play him any different than the typical setup. Play MM well and he’s a great source of damage behind your LH for a counter push.
  • Tombstone: This is a card that has become incredibly popular for Lava Hound users, and I think most Lava Hound users SUCK at using the tombstone. They rely on it. They think it MUST be part of their push. I disagree. It’s a nice to have, but in most cases my tombstone is used purely defensively. It counters hog rider (they get one hit, sometimes), giant, both princes, mini pekka, big pekka, mega minion…oh and yes it ends up distracting defensive units from your LH/pups on offense too which is great. I RARELY see my skeletons make it to the tower for extra DPS. Maybe I’m weird about this card because I feel like most other LH users drool over those skeletons making it. It doesn’t matter to me, probably because I have a ton of other squishy units that need to make it to the tower instead.
  • Minions: This is your bait card. Use them on defense to bait out their reaction so you can drop minion horde if you need the DPS. Use them on offense to bait out their counter so your pups can do massive damage. Don’t waste them…they are incredibly powerful if left alone, but know that they served a purpose even if they died. Oh, and if you use them to counter a push and can get a miner in before they cross the bridge you can take a tower super fast. Lava Hound Lighting Deck
  • Minion Horde: High risk, high reward. This is your ONLY source of high DPS in the deck for defense, so you have to play them smart. There’s no trick to them except to know your opponents deck and to make sure you don’t play directly into a counter. They will do a huge amount of damage dropped on top of almost any card, and even if your opponent has arrows they will knock down just about any tank to a manageable level before those arrows reach you. The counter push possibilities here are huge too. Make sure your LH is tanking up front and these guys will melt entire defenses + towers.
  • Zap: You know how to play zap. Or, if you don’t, you’ll figure it out. Only thing I’ll say is that at this range your zap HAS to be level 11 or higher because of the goblin levels you’ll run against otherwise. I run against enough level 12 goblins that it’s still not enough sometimes but you just have to adapt. I don’t want to be doing that every game. Lava Hound Lighting Deck

Lava Hound Lighting Deck Gameplay Strategy:

Lava Hound is inherently risky at 7 elixir, so I find the first minute or so I often don’t drop her. I’m learning about my opponent. What counters do they have, how is their cycle, how can I build an elixir advantage against them, etc. Tombstone is SUPER useful on defense to pull toward the center. Make sure you’re comfortable taking a little bit of damage in order to build elixir advantages for when you drop your first lava hound since it is such high risk in single elixir time. Lava Hound Lighting Deck


In single elixir I almost always drop Lava Hound in the back corners so she isn’t distracted by defensive buildings as much, unless I need her to tank. In that case I’ll drop just in front of the tower against the wall. Still avoids buildings somewhat but doesn’t give you as much time to build a larger push.

In double elixir I ALWAYS drop lava hound at the bridge behind the rock. This I think is what is most different from other lava hound users. It forces your opponent to drop counters earlier which means you know what you have to counter sooner and means that they aren’t pushing on offense. If you drop your LH behind the tower in double elixir you’re just inviting a counterpush that in most cases will leave your minions/MM in front of your lava hound instead of behind it.

Other than smart lava hound usage it’s all about getting your miner to the tower at the right time to tank for pups/minions. It’s that easy.

What else do you want to know? I’ll be around to answer questions in the comments so if I’ve missed anything I’m happy to add more detail to gameplay.