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Lava Hound  Inferno Dragon Deck For Arena 8+

Hi Guys Whats up CoolMoose here and Today i am going to show you Lava Hound Inferno Dragon Deck I was lucky (maybe, would’ve preferred a miner / ice wizard) enough to receive two inferno dragons today (one in a legendary chest bought in the store, another in a legendary chest found on ladder). I experimented a bit and settled on a deck which let me climb easily from 2650 to 3000 today in a couple of hours. I’ve never been in legendary before. 

Lava Hound Inferno Dragon Deck

Lava Hound Inferno Dragon Deck Cards Role:

Lava Hound: Tank for the deck. Best to play when you have an elix collector down. Surprisingly enough, don’t be afraid to base rush in this deck (normally bad for LH), but just be smart about it.

Inferno Dragon: Shreds towers if left uncountered, and if played correctly, then their tower should be gone 100% of the time. Gain as big an elixir advantage as you can, pay attention to what hits air in their deck, use mega minion for muskie and baby dragon for crowd control, keep it safe behind the lava hound.


Baby Dragon: Alright on defense. Good counterpushes, pairs well with ID. One nice push ice found is Baby Dragon followed by/next to Inferno Dragon. See what anti air cards they play, next cycle have a pump down, get LH down and play mega minion/minions according to their response.

Mega Minion: Great on defense. Good counterpush/stellar support behind LH. Generally the best at eliminating generic anti-air.

Minions: Good support and counterpush, play this a lot the same as mega minion, but when something a bit tankier is down. A bit different in trades, and a good card to cycle/react with.

Elix collector: Play about 1-2 of these per game, as that’s all that’s needed to set up a 3 crown push. Get that down, defend, get Lava Hound down, GG. Lava Hound Inferno Dragon Deck

Ice Wizard: Primary defensive option. Use to bait mid, support with mega minion/princess/minions/baby dragon. The only way this deck could defend at all.

Princess: This one isn’t a requirement but theoretically the best/quickest counter to Minion Horde and good on defense. This is probably a good slot to replace with guards, as my only losses have been against giant/mini pekka/prince push decks so far. Lava Hound Inferno Dragon Deck

Lava Inferno Dragon Deck Small Guide:

This deck is incredibly easy to use. Simply pump to  build an elixir advantage, defend with Mega Minion / Minions/ mini pekka / sometimes inferno dragon.  Hound Inferno Dragon Deck

Play well beginning game. Use ID conservatively until you know their deck cycle/tanks. Always support it with mega minion at the very least, ideally baby dragon. At the 1 minute mark, this deck gets crazy. I’ve had 2 ID’s, 3 baby drags, and 2 mega minions on the field at once. If they don’t have solid anti air, it gets very easy to keep air units there and just keep piling on. Hound Inferno Dragon Deck


Feel free to ask me questions and I’ll answer with the best of my ability

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    Hi..can i ask can i replace ice wizard with valykrie and princess with guards?

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