Lava Hound Graveyard Deck

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Lava Hound Graveyard Deck For Arena 6+

Hey Mate’s, Kissmeclsureyes here back with another deck post, this time I came with the Lava Hound Graveyard Deck that Got me to over 4000 as a level 10 since the balance update. So Lava Hound was my very first legendary, I got it the exact day it was released. Been playing it ever since. I thought my lava hound deck was DEAD without poison’s slow, but After Graveyard Release I’ve been more successful now than ever before. 

This deck is pretty decent against the current  Giant+Hog meta, lava+Miner, And Giant+Graveyard This Playing both lanes allows you to also catch your opponent off guard. This deck Also won  me  So many grand challenge 12-1. Let’s take a look on this  Lava Hound Graveyard Deck guide

Lava Hound Graveyard Deck

Lava Hound Graveyard Deck  Card Role:

Lava Hound – Primary Win Condition.


  • Flying tank, and the core of the deck. Lava Hound by itself does not do much damage, most of the damage output is done by the Lava Pups that spawn after the Lava Hound is destroyed., play the hound as far into the corner as possible, as far back as possible.
  • The hound will take a long time to reach the bridge and Throw any air troop behind a Lava Hound and you have a fairly decent push. Once the Hound dies, the Lava Pups become one of your main damage dealers, and your Miner/Graveyard on Arena tower If Opponent plays Princess/Musketeer/Ice wiz in this case use your miner to kill all this card and If Opponent plays Inferno Tower in this case use graveyard on both crown and Inferno tower to distract the  inferno tower, Lava Hound Graveyard Deck 

Lightning: The new buff to lightning was exactly what it needed. Now the lightning spell resets inferno towers, This card essentially means the opponent can’t defend your hound with more than one air targeting troop at a time. Super good for positive elixir trades, use it against musk + collecter + tower, mega minion + inferno tower + tower, Some time The lightning spell  can be used to finish off your opponent tower and  very effective on Three Muskeeters, Lava Hound Graveyard Deck 

Ice wizard: is still the best defensive card in the game for his cost,Yes you can use a substitute for the Ice Wizard if you don’t have him. Some good choices are Spear Goblins, Archers, Wizard, etc… However, the deck isn’t quite the same without him. Used offensively, he is great for slowing down enemy units that are threatening your Giant, and does a considerable amount of chip damage if left undefended. 

Miner: Secondary Win Condition.The goal with Miner is to tank for all your other troops (with the exception of LH) and occasionally to take out Elixir Collectors (EC). Now that EC costs 6 to play, Miner is the perfect response to EC because of the insane value Miner gets.ome advanced techniques include dropping a miner on a musketeer or ice wizard that is targeting your lava hound, dropping a miner as a distraction for enemy ground troops, I mostly Use Graveyard+Miner Combo Most of the time this combo can Finish the opponent

      –If You don’t have Miner You can Replace it with Knight

Graveyard spell:The Graveyard is the new Legendary Spell which can be cast anywhere on the map. I will recommended you to use this spell on Both Arena Tower and Defence Building after the spell is placed. Then a Skeleton spawns every 0.5s up to 20 Skeletons over a period of 10s. it will help to distract the opponent troops and building and  this spell can also react with Miner my Second combo is miner+Graveyard In Case Elixir Collector is placed behind the Tower, drop the Graveyard spell to deal damage on both Pump and the Tower nearby. Lava Hound Graveyard Deck 

Mega Minion: The mega minion is one of the new additions to CR, and it’s already making a splash. Overpowered? Probably.This card is amazing at transitioning into an offense. With a Lava Hound in front of it, towers crumble. Use it to kill supporting troops behind tank pushes, as well as killing mini pekkas or hogs sent alone. I usually put MM behind LH for my main push. Sometime I will tempo/rush and place them both at the bridge when I know I’m at an Elixir advantage. People will still use Fireball, Arrows, and/or Zap on it for negative trades. Mega Minion kills Minions, Princess, Goblins, etc in one shot,

Zap: Zap is your only direct damage card. Used offensively, it can finish of a tower that has very low HP, or kill any squishy units threatening your Lava Hound.Used defensively, it provides a short stun that can really help out, and takes out low HP units. Lava Hound Graveyard Deck 

Tombstone: The Tombstone is one of my favorite buildings in the game.Use Tombstone to distract Giant, Hogs, RG, Mini Pekka, MM, Prince, etc etc etc. The list really goes on and on. Those little skeletons really do work on a lot of pushes. Can also act as a cycling card because of the low cost. It is hard to describe all of its uses, Also good when you have full elixir and want to prep for a slow push.Those little skeletons really do work on a lot of pushes. Can also act as a cycling card because of the low cost. Lava Hound Graveyard Deck 

Lava Hound Graveyard Deck Strategy

The best way to learn how to play this deck is to try it out. You can get the overall strategy of how I play it from the gameplay video and tailor it to your style. However, here are some overall tips:

Usually start with a hound in the bottom right hand corner. I prefer that corner since I’m right handed. But if you’re left handed, please feel free to use the left corner as well. Once it hits the bridge, support with MM on the outside. Keep lightning/Graveyard at the ready for inferno towers or splash damage. When the hound pops, throw in miner. I like to start these pushes when the tombstone is already down so I have dps on the ground. To deal with inferno towers skip the MM step and go right to lightning/Graveyard/Miner. 

Use your Tombstone!! That little thing is so useful in so many situations. Don’t worry about trying to get a bunch of Skeletons out of it over time. Drop that thing as often as you can! Lava Hound Graveyard Deck 

Use your cards together. Most of the cards in this deck are independently weak, but combined, are exceendingly powerful. You never want to attack alone with any of the units. The  exception can be Graveyard+Miner since you can use Them to pressure the other lane. Lava Hound Graveyard Deck 

CONCLUSION: This Miner Lava Hound deck Card Role: is amazing. Play it right, and you shouldn’t lose too many battles. You can Watch This video for How to use this Lava Hound Graveyard Deck  and Try this Lava Hound Graveyard Deck  out and let me know how it goes! Comment  Any Thing Down Below What Do You Think




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  1. Eric

    Thanks nice guide i was finding lava graveyard deck about 2 hours And Finally i Found it here

  2. Henry

    This deck contain 4 legendary card it should be called legendary deck instead of push to arena 9 Btw I love your bolg You discribe everything so smoothly i am going to bookmark you site for future posts

  3. nail

    well this deck look like monster because i am using lava+miner+lighting which is rocking in arena 9 but i don,t have graveyard and i can imagine how powerfull is this deck on right hand lava+mega minion and on left tower miner+graveyard Just imagine what will be the output i am damn sure your opponent gonna loose his 1 tower

    • BlazeOfThunder

      Lol, I’m using lava, graveyard, lightning that I just randomly created (and ice wiz as well), I don’t have the miner tho.

  4. Robert mason

    Dont get me wrong but i replace the knight with baby drag and he is better but still thanks to this deck

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