Lava Hound Electro Wizard Deck

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Hi Guys What’s Dexter Here Again and Today I am Going To Show You Lava Hound Electro Wizard Deck Which Is Working well For me In Challenge I Found This deck after watching orange Juice most recent Video Which he makes for Electro Wizard Challenge I am very glad to see his video how he played this deck i will recommended you to watch his video bleow the post Just i am Going To Show you how i used this in challanges got the Electro Wizard Inside the Chest so take a look on this Lava Hound Electro Wizard Deck guide

Lava Hound Electro Wizard Deck

Lava Hound Electro Wizard Deck Card Role:

Lava Hound: Primary Win Condition. You will play the Lava Hound in several situations,To begin, play the hound as far into the corner as possible, as far back as possible. The hound will take a long time to reach the bridge, giving both you time to build up a large push and your opponent time to punish your expenditure and dropped behind a Lava Hound, the Mega Minion can handle nearly anything your opponent uses to counter the Lava you have to play you clone spell on them when they crossed the bridge.

Electro Wizard: Take a Look at this Guide How Its Works


The Electro Wizard has 550 HP, meaning the Fireball can easily one shot him. That’s why you should have the Fireball in your deck while playing in this Challenge.I am pretty sure that we will be able to see the Fireball in literally almost any deck. With that being said, most players will not use Three Musketeers decks.As Electro-Wizard is vulnerable to swarms, you need to pair him up with Lava Hound+Mega Minion and This is great on both offense and defense but his main use is support.Remember that he calls Zap upon so you can drop him right on top of a Skeleton Army or Goblins to defend. Against Goblin Barrel, you can drop him next to your Tower where he can Zap 2 Goblins. For More Details Watch OJ Video Bleow

Clone Spell: I is use the clone to move your Lava Hound away from a defending building If my opponent plays inferno tower or any other building because when you use the clone, your initial troop is moved to the left whilst the clone troop comes in on the right. Some Time I use my clone over my troops on defence to stop opponent push doing a single bit of damage to my tower. Just remember if you were not able to use clone spell on offense so no problem you can use  it in defense as well cuz it will be extremely helpful;

*Take a look at This guide for more details

Mega Minion: A flying Mini PEKKA that moves at the speed of a Valkyrie. When dropped behind a Lava Hound, the Mega Minion can handle nearly anything your opponent uses to counter the Lava Hound. Mega Minion is very strong against Giant / Bowler decks as the Bowler cannot attack air. Mega Minion can live through a Fireball two levels higher, so it can handle quite a bit of punishment. People will still use Fireball, Arrows, and/or Zap on it for negative trades. Mega Minion kills Minions, Princess, Goblins, etc in one shot, so it is also useful for clearing Minion Horde from your Lava Hound.

Ice Golem: Your cheap mini-tank, great for distracting Current Meta Card mega Barbarians  and small, Princess, Giant Skeletons, and can easily weaken Minions to be picked off by a tower,This is my mainly distracting and Defensive Card inside the game

Archers: Good for defense and can easily turn into a counterpush. Can also take out minions or minion horde (if the horde has already been weakened by ice golem). It also is a steady source of damage for taking out a tank, cheap units, or a hog rider. It can’t be logged in tourney standard. also counter of graveyard and other troops like Skarmy Minions etc etc

Fireball – Specially For Electro Wizard

I chose fireball over poison because I feel like this deck needs to single-burst damage spell over damage over time. With the poison nerf and buff, the only viable replacement, IMO, is Fireball. Fireball is in this deck to deal almost exclusively with Electro Wizard and 3 Musketeer would be incredibly hard to deal with otherwise. Fireball can also be used to take out Minion Horde which is another problem card for this deck depending on your cycle. Usually, I usually use fireball to deal with support troops behind Giant, Lava Hound, etc. It can finish the game with direct damage

Tombstone – Instead of Skeleton because Its Well Against Hogs Deck

Tombstone is another card you can use to get an advantage over your opponent. The nearly constant stream of skeletons distracts units, defends against them, as well as supports a push. Use Tombstone to distract Giant, Hogs, Royal Giant, Mini Pekka, Mega minion M, Prince, etc etc etc. The list really goes on and on. Those little skeletons really do work on a lot of pushes.You Can also act as a cycling card because of the low cost.Tombstone distracts the Inferno Tower while your tank makes its way to the arena tower.As with Sparky, when a player drops the Princess behind their King Tower, a Tombstone can cause the Princess to stall and soak up her shots, forcing your opponent to make another play.Oj Use Skeletons in his video but i am comfortable with tombstone

Zap spell: Simply the best common card in game, just because that 1s stun, can take out supporting troops that come with hog or with miner, reset interno tower charge, it cost just 2 elixir, so definitely one of the best cards Lava Hound Electro Wizard Deck

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Thanks for reading this Lava Hound Electro Wizard Deck guide and watch the video below For More Information All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.