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Hi Guys Lava Clone Deck Ash For Life Here with Lava Clone Deck and Today Lava Clone Deck or you can say Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck i am going to Share which gave me 6 wins back to back in challenges I am F2P  And I was Using decent lava hound + miner deck  Before clone release Intresting Thing Here is before 2 Days I Got Magical chest i saved it For Today, also take a look at these October meta decks 2017


when i open it today after clone relase I got this clone inside my magical chest and i started using this spell Initialy i didn’t get so much success but after some match i found it very usefull spell and i also watch yarn video how to use clone spell i will recommended to you watch his video its very use full so let’s take a look on this Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck guide


Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck

Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck Card Role:

  • Lava Hound – The main Win Condition

The main tank of the deck.Drop him down in the corner or behind the tower when he reaches at the bridge Give him back with archers or Mega Minions It works really well against Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, and Inferno Dragon. if these are targeting your hound 

If  Opponent try to Push from other lane then simply drop tomstone it will take care about hogs and soupporting troops 

  • Mega Minion No Replacement

The anti-meta card inside the game right now,It has the huge DPS for 3 elixir cost the top 8 best cards in the game, Its used in about 80% of other peoples decks, A nescessity in around almost all decks, its perfect at taking out ground attackers and good at taking out Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon. He also akes out Giants, Hogs, with soo much ease. And even great against minions, your mortal enemy with this deck. If you’re doing a Hound-Dragon-MM push, always place the MM behind the Dragon to take out troops they use to defend.Sometime I will tempo/rush and place them both at the bridge when I know I’m at an Elixir advantage.

  • Fireball – Replacement Lighting

I chose fireball over poison because I feel like this deck needs to single-burst damage spell over damage over time. With the poison nerf and buff, the only viable replacement, IMO, is Fireball. Fireball is in this deck to deal almost exclusively with 3 Musketeers . 3 Musketeer would be incredibly hard to deal with otherwise. Fireball can also be used to take out Minion Horde which is another problem card for this deck depending on your cycle. Usually, I usually use fireball to deal with support troops behind Giant, Lava Hound, etc. It can finish the game with direct damage

  • Clone spell: Check out This Guide for more Details

As you know about this spell can cast the Clone Spell anywhere on the map. It doesn’t clone the enemy units.You have to use Clone on Lava Hound is also a very. Once the Lava Hound is locked on the Tower, clone it! The clone unit have only 1 HP, meaning it will die pretty fast, splitting into Lava Pups while the real Lava Hound is still soaking damage.This Guide will help you to how you can use clone with lava houd take a look at this guide

  • Tombstone – Well Against Hogs Deck

Tombstone is another card you can use to get an advantage over your opponent. The nearly constant stream of skeletons distracts units, defends against them, as well as supports a push. Use Tombstone to distract Giant, Hogs, Royal Giant, Mini Pekka, Mega minion M, Prince, etc etc etc. The list really goes on and on. Those little skeletons really do work on a lot of pushes.You Can also act as a cycling card because of the low cost.Tombstone distracts the Inferno Tower while your tank makes its way to the arena tower.As with Sparky, when a player drops the Princess behind their King Tower, a Tombstone can cause the Princess to stall and soak up her shots, forcing your opponent to make another play.

  • Zap – Replacement Log

This 2 elixir spell works wonders with this deck. Zap with conjunction of the princess can clear minion hordes on offense in a second. Can be used to reset Sparky, kill equal level Goblins, and to make minions 1 shot from your tower. Also useful for those last HP of the tower, and to stun and reset any Prince charge.

  • Archers – The main Graveyard counter

Finally coming back into the meta. Better than Knight in many ways. Ranged units with decent damage- they do surprisingly well against tougher units. They’re also the main Graveyard counter, so be careful where you play them against a graveyard deck.It will help you to defend against meta minion/minions/ice wiz/ elite barbs. (Sometimes they are forgotten by the enemy and are left alone behind the lava hound they give you huge amounts of damage) they can be split at the back for a decent threat to both towers. They are a good anti air card, they output good dps, they are lightning counters so to speak, and they work beautifully on offense when left unchecked.

  • Musketeer – Check out This Guide for more Details 

This glass cannon doesn’t tank the shots, Graveyard must be played before the opponent’s tower aggros the Musketeer which allows the Musketeer to destroy the tower singlehandedly. Usually the opponent will react to the Graveyard with minions or goblins, by positioning Graveyard more toward the bridge the Musketeer will kill the troops that were supposed to kill the Graveyard and still take shots on the tower. If you have a weakened Musketeer I will even allow it to just take some chip damage without supporting it. 


Since the Lava hound is our main tank to reach the tower, we have to be careful on dropping this unit.Some Push As Following of Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck

  1. Lave Hound + Mega Minion
  2. Lave Hound + Archers
  3. Lave Hound + Musketeer+Zap
  4. Lava Hound+ Fire Ball+Zap For Barbrians

Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck Good against:

  1. Low anti-air decks
  2. Hog Zap bait decks
  3. Giant+Witch
  4. Mortar Deck

Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck Weak against:

  1. Miner + Mini Pekka deck
  2. Giant+Lighting+Zap
  3. Bowler+Lighting
  4. Inferno Tower+Hog

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Thanks for reading this Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.


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