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Hi Guys What’s Dexter Here and Today I am Going To Show You Lava Hound Mega Minion Clone Deck Which Is Working well For me In Tournaments I Found This deck after watching Chief Pat most recent Video Which he makes on Lava Hound Clone Deck I am very glad to see his video how he played this deck i will recommended you to watch his video bleow the post Just i am Going To Show you how i used this in challanges so take a look on this Lava Hound Clone Deck guide

Lava Hound Clone Deck

Lava Hound Clone Deck Card Role:

Lava Hound: Primary Win Condition. You will play the Lava Hound in several situations,To begin, play the hound as far into the corner as possible, as far back as possible. The hound will take a long time to reach the bridge, giving both you time to build up a large push and your opponent time to punish your expenditure and dropped behind a Lava Hound, the Mega Minion can handle nearly anything your opponent uses to counter the Lava you have to play you clone spell on them when they crossed the bridge. the Lava Pups can be countered relatively easily, so they must be supported. Like Miner tank for pups, the Lava Hound can be used to soak up damage from the support troops of your opponent’s tank allowing you to take out their tank and counter push.

Miner: The miner is the most versatile card in this deck. I use him to take out elixir pumps, tank for Lava hound and Lava pups. I also use him to take out princesses that are sieging vital furnaces or other support troops. In a pinch, he can also take out Archers As You can see in video bleow.


Clone Spell: I is use the clone to move your Lava Hound away from a defending building If my opponent plays inferno tower or any other building because when you use the clone, your initial troop is moved to the left whilst the clone troop comes in on the right. Some Time I use my clone over my troops on defence to stop opponent push doing a single bit of damage to my tower. Just remember if you were not able to use clone spell on offense so no problem you can use  it in defense as well cuz it will be extremely helpful;

*Take a look at This guide for more details

Mega Minion – A flying Mini PEKKA that moves at the speed of a Valkyrie. When dropped behind a Lava Hound, the Mega Minion can handle nearly anything your opponent uses to counter the Lava Hound. Mega Minion is very strong against Giant / Bowler decks as the Bowler cannot attack air. Mega Minion can live through a Fireball two levels higher, so it can handle quite a bit of punishment. People will still use Fireball, Arrows, and/or Zap on it for negative trades. Mega Minion kills Minions, Princess, Goblins, etc in one shot, so it is also useful for clearing Minion Horde from your Lava Hound.

Archers: Good for defense and can easily turn into a counterpush. Can also take out minions or minion horde (if the horde has already been weakened by ice golem). It also is a steady source of damage for taking out a tank, cheap units, or a hog rider. It can’t be logged in tourney standard. also counter of graveyard and other troops like Skarmy Minions etc etc

Lightning: Best Spell in the game and my also my favourite card because of its ability to reset inferno tower, which can make lava hound players really happy,On defense, it resets sparky,3 musketeers, resets sparky, resets prince/dark prince charges, and so on. Its new ability to stun has given this underused spell a ton of utility, and made it quite a strong option.

 *Take a look at This guide for more details

Tombstone: This is a card that has become incredibly popular for Lava Hound users, and I think most Lava Hound users SUCK at using the tombstone. They rely on it. They think it MUST be part of their push. I disagree. It’s a nice to have, but in most cases my tombstone is used purely defensively. It counters hog rider (they get one hit, sometimes), giant, both princes, mini pekka, big pekka, mega minion…oh and yes it ends up distracting defensive units from your LH/pups on offense too which is great.

Zap spell: Simply the best common card in game, just because that 1s stun, can take out supporting troops that come with hog or with miner, reset interno tower charge, it cost just 2 elixir, so definitely one of the best cards

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The real way to play this Lava Hound Clone Deck is to take out the first tower as fast as you can ,95% of my games have been won by taking an arena tower with 30 seconds left in the game. This Lava Hound Clone Deck is extremely defensive but turns into a massive counterattack unit when combined with the lava hound.Place lava hound in the back corner if you have nothing to play. Thanks for reading watch the video below it will help you more to understand this Lava Hound Clone Deck

Thanks for reading this Lava Hound Clone Deck guide and watch the video below All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.