Lava Electro Wizard Balloon Deck

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Hi Guys Hyp3rion.akki Here and Today i am going to show you a deck Lava Electro Wizard Balloon Deck which I used to win the electro wizard challenge and I also Using this deck in Ladder and Other Challenges this is a small guide but you can take look at here other Electro wizard Deck but Worry i will update this guide as soos as possible so come and take a look on this Lava Electro Wizard Balloon Deck guide :

Lava Electro Wizard Balloon Deck

Lava Electro Wizard Balloon Deck Card Role:

Lava Hound: Main card in your deck.You have to deploy your Hound behind the tower. Make sure your Hound reaches the Tower without splitting into Lava Pups. if your opoonent plays Inferno Tower  to counter your Lava Hound  distract it with your Minions or reset it with zap and One thing keep in mind You must be careful when placing the Lava Hound down. because in current Elite barbarians are very bad card I suggest you only drop your lava hound when you have 10 elixr so you have leftover to defend with Tombstone or Skarmy. 


Electro Wizard: The electro wizard is actually a really good card i think it’s going to see action in the meta at every level despite the challenge or even after the challeng,This card is required if you are playing ewiz Challange he’s gonna be used in this Deck mainly defensively but he has an interesting utility offensive as well As Electro Wizard attacks offer 0.5 seconds stun effect, his normal hit and spawned damage could reset their charges effectively.

Minions This will be both a defense and offense card. For the offensive, it’s useful for backing up your balloon and taking out any counters. I like to wait until the enemy places his counter down before I reveal the minions. It’s also useful if you don’t have enough elixr to place a balloon, it’s possible that the minions will deal just as much damage. It’s also very useful for baiting out inferno towers, or any other buildings places on the middle.

Balloon This is your second win condition Its got buff in recent balance changes So Balloon does an incredible amount of damage and ranks very high for HP but it is woefully underused by players at every level  andMost people will try to counter this with defensive buildings. I always attack the opposite side from where they deploy tanks or defensive buildings. I also try to never send this alone. i always send it behind the lava

Mega Minion – As yarn said from Oj This Card should be in every deck and this is The main damage dealer of this deck, used mainly as a defensive card turned offensive ( runner ). Great for killing ground units and small troops your opponent might use to kill your hog. Its ability to one shot minions and lavapups make it really good against lavahound.

Fireball This card Must be in your Deck if you are playing Ewiz Challenge This card has finished more games for me than any other card here. I always use this to hit elixir pumps, barbarians, or 3 muskateers. Great spell to take out large groups of beefy opponents such as the barbarians

Zap One of the best cards in the game. Can be used to reset charges from the prince, dark prince, and sparky. Also stops any troops in their tracks giving you that extra second to kill. Great at taking out large groups of soft troops such as goblins, spear goblins, minons, and minion horde. Also usable on the offensive to get troops to re target on your hound

Skeleton Army –  You Should only be used on defense at Elite Barbrians,Royal Giant and pekka, unless you know your opponent has no counters to it. Insane dps in a short amount of time, can easily take out a lone hog or tank if your opponent has no counter, if they zap your skeleton army, then you have your Tombstone and their skeleton to melt those tanks

You have to place your lava behind the tower and if  your opponent plays any other troops on other lane then place tombstone to counter their troop or if you dont have tombstone then use skarmy to counter his troops 

  1. Lava Hound+Minions
  2. Lava Hound+Mega Minions
  3. Lava Hound+Balloon+Minions
  4. Lava Hound+Electro Wizard+Minion
  5. Lava Hound+Balloon

as you know tombstone is the counter to hogs and  This also a very good counter to EB if placed Countering the Elite Barbs with less than 3 elixir is nearly impossible without them getting touching the tower.However with 3 elixir there is some way to prevent them doing some serious damage Take a look at this guide how Counter Elite Barbarians with 3 positive elixir :

  1. Tombstone+Skarmy
  2. Fireball+Skarmy
  3. Electro Wizard+Mega Minion

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Thanks for reading this Lava Electro Wizard Balloon Deck  guide and  All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.