Lava Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+

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Hi GuysLava Electro Dragon Deck Hyp3rion.akki Here and Today I am going to show you a Good Lava Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ 2018 which I used to win the Grand Challenge and I also Using this Lava Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ in Ladder and Other Challenges this is a guide I Found in on Reddit and It was made by RickChum So come and take a look at this Lava Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+guide

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Lava Electro Dragon Deck

Lava Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+

Lava Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ Card Role:

Electro Dragon – the main damage of the deck, it’s unique mechanic allows it to damage the towers from a distance along with units doing so. Pairing it with Tornado makes it easier to clump units for bouncing. Also Check Out Here Top 5 Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ 2018

Lavahound – The main tank and leader of the pact. Should always be used to start a push as the other cards are vulnerable and slow. Often times placed in the back to start a push with some sort of elixir lead or when they blow their win condition Also Check Out Here Top 5 Lava Hound Balloon Deck Arena 7+ 2018


Mega Minion – Great defensive card and great behind Lavahound. If you’re making Lavahound push and deciding which card to support Lavahound with, Mega Minion is a good Minions and Flying Machine counter. It’s also decent against ranged units when paired with Tornado

Minions – Similar to Mega Minion, it’s a good mixed card. If you’re making an early push, Minions are better against Bats and killing off small units which can help Electro Dragon get closer to the tower.

Skeleton Army – Your main ground defense, it’s super fragile, but it can bait spells like Zap, Poison and Arrows which make for an easy counter-push. You only have 2 cards that are on ground, both of which are fragile, so use them wisely.

Tombstone – Great building (A bit too good), good on defense and constant pressure. Can be a good counter to spawners and a decent distraction to Inferno Tower.

Tornado – A very versatile card in this deck. Pull ranged units to their death or in range of Electro Dragon’s attack. Great counter to Goblin Barrel, Miner and Hog. You can risk pulling a Golem towards your King if you’ve cleared supporting units, that way defending is a lot easier. This is your main spell for offense and defense.

Zap – Great versatile Spell. Reset Inferno(s) and when paired with Tornado and take out a lot of small units.

Lava Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ Pros/Cons

Pros: Heavy air, Spell baity, Cycle isn’t crazy expensive

Cons: 2+ Spells can rip this deck, no consistent chip, can only push with Lavahound, hard to deal with multiple (2-3+) anti-air units, heavily relies on Lavahound

Lava Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ Matchups

Electro Dragon can easily counter Beatdown decks. Charge units, tanks and most supporting units have a hard time dealing with Electro Dragon. It’s bulk and range make it quite the defensive unit. The most consistent counter to Electro Dragon is probably Witch and Night Witch (mainly Witch), it’s consistent unit spawn make it hard to damage other units past the tank.

Inferno Tower is often paired with Gob Gang, which makes for a strong defense. Gob Gang can effectively stop Electro Dragon without the use of Zap and Zap is your secondary option to stopping Inferno Tower. Tombstone, Skarmy and Minions can be used as a meatshield, aside from that, Inferno Tower quite a threat.

Decks that have 2+ Spells, especially Poison, Arrows, and Rocket, make pushing a real pain. Decks that have 2+ Medium Ranged units can be problematic, Tornado can effectively counter 1 Ranged unit, but 2 units split far enough apart can be a pain. Since the deck relies heavily on Lava Hound, all they have to do is counter the supporting units.

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Lava Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ guide helps you to Reached 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the  or the Lava Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.