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Hi Lava Hound Balloon Clone Deck Arena 8+ guys Scythul here and today i am going to show  Lava Hound Balloon Clone Deck Arena 8+ So Guys  This Lava Hound Balloon Clone Deck Arena 8+ broke 4k today so I know it is 4k possible. I am a player who has been sitting a little under 4k for a few months now. I have been over 4k, but just enjoy messing around with different fun deck ideas too much to want to stay above 4k. Also Take a look at These Top 17 Clash Royale January Meta Decks 2018 Arena 9 to Arena 11

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I hit 4k at 10 with tournament standard cards and have leveled up to 11 with 10/8/4.5/2 cards since. This Lava Balloon Clone Deck was born from a combination of the clan chest and the elite barb meta. I needed a deck that could quickly overpower a deck with weak anti air and get a 3 crown fast for farming the clan chest come and take a quick look at this Lava Balloon Clone Deck Guide

Lava Hound Balloon Clone Deck Arena 8+

Lava Balloon Clone Deck Card Role:

  1. Lavahound: This card is your tank. It is what will get your main push to the tower. It is expensive, so can bite you in the butt if you play it too early and don’t have the cards to defend the opposite lane(not the end of the world though)
  2. Balloon: This is the star of this deck. Most of your clone spells and offensive mirror plays will involve this guy. When you play balloon in the back and then mirror it at the bridge expect a few laugh emotes. When you clone them into 4 and then 3 of them die killing all the defenders and doing absurd amounts of tower damage right before the 4th balloon hits the tower that laugh often changes into the rage or cry emote. This is best played behind a lavahound though.
  3. Minion Horde: This is your runner. These guys serve offense/defense whatever you need when you need it. These guys will get the second most number of mirrors right behind skarmy
  4. Skarmy: The anti push card. Elite barbs die horribly to this card and if they get zapped, oh well I guess I will just mirror it for a still +1 elixir trade. Play them to the side if the elite barbs are lead with an ice golem. Also try to vary the placement if they have log.
  5. Mirror: This card is pure utility use it to double fireball to finish off a large push of medium troops or a tower to win. Mirror the log/tornado. Mirror skarmy to make Ebarbs cry. Mirror minion horde after they arrow/fireball the first.
  6. Fireball – Once again, another must-have spell card. It provides tons of value to take out swarms and groups of medium health troops. It is good to predict any Minion Horde or Barbarians.
  7. Clone: This is where your carpet bomb comes from. Lavahound in front plus balloon and this will take a tower stupid fast. Timed right the cloned balloons bomb will take care of minion and horde for you and if you can mirror the balloon in overtime just weep for the defending troops as you bomb the whole lane all the way to the tower.
  8. Log/tornado: This is your light troop cleanup spell. Tornado can be nice to pull everything into your death balloons, but I prefer log to deal with princess who is the bane of any clone deck.

Lava Balloon Clone Deck General Gameplan:

  1. Starting hand: This deck is subjected to some bad starting hands. The worst you can get is hound, mirror, clone, with fireball with minions up next. Play that one how you feel and don’t worry if you lose a tower because of it. I typically try to cycle spells first in the beginning. You may lose some chip damage to a spell bait deck, but that is ok.
  2. Pushes: Your best push is Lavahound in back with balloon, then clone them. Support that with fireball/log as best you can defend the opposite side if you need to. Wizards are a pain to deal with, but a fireball that knocks them close to the cloned balloon death bomb will end that problem quick. There are ways to push this past just about anything and you will often find that with all the clones it gets so chaotic that your balloon just slips through while everything else is being focused down.

Lava Balloon Clone Deck Counters:

Elite Barb Decks: These decks are notoriously light on air defense and what this deck was designed to exploit. I was a little sad to see their nerf because I know the gravy train of easy decks is going to end if they fall out of favor.

Hog cycle: They can out cycle you, but they are meant to chip down a tower and defend you out. They struggle in a race to three crowns. Good spirit placement can be a problem for you unless you get off a good prediction spell. Not too hard of a fight.

Spell bait: Spell bait works by chipping down a tower and applying pressure until you run out of counters to their cards. Again they are meant to chip down for a 1 crown win so if you have to give them 500, or 1000 or an entire tower to have the counters you need to push through to their king do it.

Furnace decks: These can be a pain to slog through, but balloon lavahound does surprisingly well at getting to and taking out that furnace. Just don’t mistime your clone spell or the spirits will take the whole thing out.

Royal Giant: 6 elixir that can’t target troops and wont take a whole tower by itself? Thank you for the tower. Defend with the skarmy, or horde maybe the mirror as well, but try to take the elixir that it represents and shove it down their throat.

Siege: Xbow or mortar against a balloon? If they surprise you they can take a tower, but if you are on point they wont get two while ou push down for the 3 crown.

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Thanks for reading this Lava Hound Balloon Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.