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Hello Knight Graveyard Deck guys.This is Bull3t$t0rm and .I was first hesitant to make this Knight Graveyard Deck guide until I get past 5k+ cause my PB in my friends account in which he had better level cards was 4.5k+ and in my main account it was around 4250 I’m gonna show a Knight Graveyard Deck that I absolutely LOVE Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

I’ll be trying my best to show you just about everything about this deck, as it truly is beastly Without further delay Come and take close look at this Knight Graveyard Deck guide  Also Check Out Here Clash Royale Trophy Pushing Tips

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Knight Graveyard Deck 2017

Knight Graveyard Deck Card Roles:

Knight: This card is so versatile and tanky to be called a mini tank.It is going to tank the princess tower while we go with Graveyard.Just a fun fact “The Knight deals the same damage per hit as a Royal Giant”.Please dont hate knight cause of it :p.

  1. When Tombstone is outta cycle or we are saving it for hog(i.e if opponent has both hog and e barbs)knight will do surprisingly well against e barbs along with princess tower can shut down e barbs with minimal damage.
  2. Overall a great card which is gonna tank for the win condition and act as a defensive card.

Graveyard: For those who haven’t seen the pocket card link which i stated above ,I am gonna describe Graveyard in the same way he does so don’t worry my lazy bros and sisters.Ever since its introduction to the game, graveyard has been used widely at the top arenas and even the low arenas. Despite having many counters, graveyard can be very effective, and even more effective when your opponent doesn’t expect it. Also Check Out Here Top 5 Clas Royale Graveyard Decks 2017

  1. What makes this card a very good pocket card is the fact that you will most likely know what cards your opponent has in their deck to counter your graveyard before you actually use it. This lets you do massive damage when you know that their counters are out of rotation and your opponent can’t counter it.
  2. Remember fellas, In this deck Graveyard should be used like a pickle and not like JAM if you know what i mean 😉

Archers: Archers are strong support units. They have good crowd control and DPS potential. They also have rather good survivability for 3 Elixir as they will not die to Arrows or The Log at tournament standard.

  1. Even though not much Graveyard players are around this card has many other uses(other than nullifying GY)such as to counter low hitpoint troops like Minions, Spear Goblins, and Goblin gang.
  2. Although Archers are not splash troops, they are an effective counter to a lone Skeleton Army which is running rampant these days.

Electro Wizard: Electro wizard is such a versatile card which does so much…He has a spawn zap , His every attack stuns the troops , he targets got air and ground and having a decent amount of damage.

  1. The only thing I hate about him is the fact that he is fast that renders him ineffective as a opening move but his defensive capability is outstanding and if he is alive after a successful defence ,
  2. it demands a response from the opponent as he does 200+ damage.With right timing electro wizard spawn zap can kill or damage(based on level)all goblins in a perfectly placed goblin barrel.Overall such a great defensive unit which has a great synergy with Graveyard.

Fire spirits: Fire Spirits’ splash damage is very useful against groups of weak, small troops like Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minions, Minion Horde, Barbarians, and Guards.The Fire Spirits can also take out three out of four Barbarians if they are alone and are bunched up in a square. If they are in a straight line, the Fire Spirits may only take down two out of the four Barbarians. However, pulling the Barbarians will cause them to splash all of them when done correctly. To do this, plant the Fire Spirits to the side so the Barbarians walk towards the Fire Spirits, allowing them to splash all of the Barbarians.With proper placement and timing,

  1. the Fire Spirits can be used to counter a Goblin Barrel completely.If timed correctly, a Fire Spirit can damage or even destroy all of the Lava Pups just as they explode from the Lava Hound.With the increase in Giant double minions deck ,Log bait deck etc this card will always come in handy.And coming to the important use….come on cheer up.
  2. This is gonna make u happy.You can always choose to lightning pumps without having to fear about “3 Musketeers+ spam everything and be pro deck”.Fire spirits+ e wiz spawn zap can completely take out 2 musketeers if it was split push or take all the 3 of em out if not a split push E wiz being unscathed.

Tombstone: This is such a great defensive building.The spawned Skeletons are very good at distracting high damage, slow hit speed enemy units, such as the P.E.K.K.A., the Prince, the Mini P.E.K.K.A., and the Giant Skeleton. This is especially effective against units that target buildings, such as the Giant and Golem — the Skeletons spawned after the Tombstone’s destruction can damage, if not destroy, the unit.

  1. It can also distract other units for a while, such as the Princess or Mortar.Any RG haters?Good news for you :3 If a Royal Giant is locked onto a tower, the player can use the Tombstone to push the Royal Giant so it retargets to the Tombstone. This cannot be done with any defensive building as they do not have a large enough hitbox to push the Royal Giant but the Tombstone works because the spawned Skeletons have enough hitbox space to push the Royal Giant.
  2. The skeletons will then chip away at the Royal Giant’s health.As there is a rise in hog , e barbs and RG its almost mandatory to have a building to stall and damage enemy troops and tombstone is my pick.

Arrows: According to me ,this is a log that could hit air for 1 more elixer! Who would say no to that?nvm. To the question why arrows and why not zap or log which will probably come later ,this is my answer.Just ask this question to yourself “Which troop counters graveyard perfectly?’We can categorise them into 3. 1)squishy troops that can be arrowed 2) valkyrie 3)archers (to all those jerks reread what i said ‘COUNTERS PERFECTLY’ dont say knight , prince etc).

Lightning : Alright boyz controversial selection is here.”Where is synergy in selecting lightning?”-Few voices might rise and others be like “Poison>Lightning in GY decks”I agree.But that generalisation wont work.Believe me guys ….I have played around 1500+ games with this deck with some variations and i will reason out why lightning .

  1. This deck lacks 2 things 1)high dps dealer 2) support killer behind a tank( considering knight not a great support killer against lets say pekka exe deck or lets take against witch as she spawns skellies etc) and i use lightning more defensively rather offensive.As long as i get 2 glass canon + tank or i catch 6+ elixer with lightning i wont hesitate using it.
  2. I will lightning cycle his tower if it has around 1300 health since 3 of em will do the trick along with arrows.Since i have arrows for the squishy troops i found no need for poison except for the case of archers.But i personally believe its a nice gamble.

Knight Graveyard Deck 2017 General Gameplan 

In general, you wanna play the Knight Graveyard Deck exactly like a control deck, even though it seems like a cycle deck.The average elixer cost of the deck(3.6) let you play this deck in 2 ways
1) as a cycle deck
2) as a control deck
I recommend you guys to play this deck like a control deck rather than a cycle ,GY being a pocket card.

In the first 2 minutes of the game play passively not showing Graveyard if you dont know their deck completely(Play it only when opponent goes nuts by playing golem,lava as a starting move or places elixer collector in the back and u dont have lightning in cycle.Playing GY will allow you to take out elixer collector and do some damage to tower.

I recommend playing graveyard in the above circumstances only if you have Knight+GY+arrows in cycle) .This deck has so much defensive capabilities which will let you defend most of the pushes with ease and do small counter push with the remaining units after successful defence by adding in fire spirit or knight but not graveyard unless u are in great elixer advantage.

Playing defensive in first two minutes allow you to feel opponent’s deck and to know his counters for our graveyard and to know whether or not opponent has a hard counter to your graveyard i.e Valk, archers .

This knowledge will help us in double elixer to bait out his hard counter before playing GY and Knight + GY + arrows for his squishy troop is pretty much GG as opponent will get caught off guard and we made him play by our rotation without showing our win condition.

This push will probably take a tower or substantially damage the tower which will allow us to lightning cycle his tower down to 0.In double elixer we can also add lightning to our Graveyard push to take out 1 or 2 glass canon along with tower.

Knight Graveyard Deck 2017 MatchUps:


This matchup is almost an easy win if we don’t screw up badly.I have a nice lil BM strat against this deck as well ;P.If you know they are log bait arrow their princess and say ‘opps’ and a cry emote.They will probably go with Knight + goblin barrel or goblin gang + goblin barrel.Use Fire spirits on goblin barrel and do a “Laugh” emote and knight for their knight or gob gang .They will probably rage quit right now :p If not in double elixer save arrows and use knight or archers for princess and fire spirits for goblin barrel.Then go with Knight+graveyard+Predictive arrows for his gob gang( i guarantee 100% success rate …jus kidding) and its pretty much a tower down for him or just 1 or 2 lightning will do the trick.


This is a pretty even match up in my opinion.Remember guys , miner control decks rely on constant chip damage and it mostly has poison to synergize with miner.Its mandatory to defend miner only with knight or fire spirits to not give him that poison value.In double elixer or when he gets cocky and makes a miner poison push immediately go for a knight graveyard push after using fire spirits on miner cause he cant cycle back to poison that quickly.Arrow any squishy troops used to defend Graveyard or lightning if he gives lightning value(as most of the miner control deck runs Inferno tower and any glass canon with tower is VALUE) while doing graveyard push.This is possible only in double elixer. When it comes to lightning or Lightning+arrow range ,defend completely and take the W.


This is a easy matchup.We can easily agro Giant to the middle using tombstone(4 : 3 placement) and we have knight for his miner , Arrows for skill horde and Fire spirits for minions.There is no way in this earth to lose this game so not gonna explain much as our deck hard counters his.


This deck could be tricky to defend even though it is easy to offend as this deck mostly has executioner+ nado. So if you guys see Pekka played @ the back immediately push in the other lane with knight Graveyard push.Usually these decks dont have any squishy troops which forces the opponent to play executioner in the other lane which will split his push and GY will deal great damage even executioner is played as it is slow.A lone pekka can be dealt with easily with archers + tombstone or tombstone +e wiz etc.If he decides to make small push like hog+ log we always have e wiz + fire spirits or Tombstone to completely nullify his push.


Pretty even matchup in my opinion.If i remember right this deck has stab goblins as well.In offense it is pretty easy as only hard counter this deck has to GY is stab goblins which can be arrowed.Exe wont do much to GY so dealing damage wont be a big deal against this deck.But defence might be tricky as it is mandatory to have tombstone for his hog exe push.In the said push use knight to stop exe near the bridge and tombstone+ FS to completely stop hog.If he decides not to nado knight will have more than half health and if he decides to nado DO NOT GIVE VALUE BY PLACING MANY TROOPS IN THE NADO and let him do his thing .IK i might sound like a jerk but he spent hell lot of elixer in offense and it is easy to punish …Just a 3 step formulae Knight+GY+ARROWS for his stab goblins.


For starters ,This LAVALOON deck is damn deadly if you dont have exenado.So if you see lavahound in the back you must know his deck probably would be lava , loon , minions ,mega minion , arrows/fireball , zap ,tombstone ,lumberjack or any other variant with small changes.His counter to GY is minion + tombstone and lumberjack ..Yup you heard me right Tombstone does surprisingly well against Graveyard .Dont let him make a complete lava loon push and push opposite lane immediately after seeing lava hound.This is a pretty hard matchup and i will probably go for a draw without committing so much into my push and defending perfectly.This match is pretty easy if the opponent doesnt know the fact that tombstone counters GY cause we can arrow his minions if he goes lava in oppo lane and its pretty much a tower down for him and most tend to over commit on defense without knowing Lava hound is all about defending minimal or not defending at all. If they somehow manage to make a lavaloon push easy way to deal with it is to make a 4 :3 tombstone placement which will drag loon to middle and use archers or e wiz to target the loon and the mega minion , if sent in the back will be distracted by the doots while the tower is dealing with lava or you can choose to fire spirit the mega minion along with lava pups.


This brings back memories.This is the deck which made me change my deck.Few weeks back I had ice spirit instead of fire spirit and i had a hard time dealing with split pushes , elixer collector etc.Now its just a cake walk.I will lightning the first collector along with the tower which is 90% of the time played in anti rocket place and then play a normal defense if he decides not to play his 3M.If he decides to play 3m as i said before Fire spirits + e wiz spawn zap will completely take down 2 or 3m based on whether its split or not and tombstone can take down his battle ram or knight.Next time he goes in for a pump at the back of the princess tower and now i will play knight + GY + ARROWS for minion horde(which is most likely in 3m decks) and its pretty much GG.

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