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Hi Kings Cup II Elite Challenge Deck Guys  tranquilschizo here and today i am going to show you Kings Cup II Elite Challenge Deck, Guide and Strategy and Quick Overview on the Kings Cup II Special Event.

There is 3 total tiers of challenges. The first on is practice. You beat practice at 10 crowns. After that, you advance to Challenge. Win 6, advance to Elite Challenge. Lose 3, challenge failed.

The last challenge is the Elite Challenge. Three losses and you’re out. Beat the challenge with 9 wins and you collect a Legendary Chest. In each of these challenges, you are allowed 1 free entry.


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The Decks There is a total of 8 “Signature Decks” that we are allowed to use that were created by people famous in the Clash Royale community. Below is the list of them.

Kings Cup II Elite Challenge

Signature Decks In Clash Royale

  1. Viva La Sparky by Clash With Ash & Surgical Goblin
  2. Tower Tornadoes by Clash With Cam & CMcHugh
  3. The Ultra Nytes by NickAtNyte & NEMSensie
  4. Vitamin C by Orange Juice & TMD Aaron
  5. Sparky Masters by Ted & Atchiin
  6. Misplaced Rockets by Chief Pat & Oxalate
  7. Salty Goblins by TheAlvaro845 & Adrián Piedra
  8. Meta Maulers by Molt & TMD YaoYao

Viva La Sparky

Overall Rating: Maybe a 4, maybe a 10

A community favorite and one of the best players in the game teamed up to make an awesome deck. As a win condition, it offers the Goblin Barrel, Hog Rider, and Sparky. The defensive potential is very versatile with cards that can transition into strong counter pushes. The Rocket is featured in many decks and will almost hard counter the Sparky.

It is a deck that I’m very touchy to speak on, because the WC’s are countered by many of these other decks yet it VERY scary. It is definitely the most offensive strong deck out of all the rest. Again, I’m holding some of my thoughts because I don’t think anybody knows how strong/weak this deck actually is Contine Reading »


Tower Tornadoes

Overall Rating: 8

This deck provides an extremely strong defensive. It will completely wash away all of the Sparky and Hog decks out there. However, it will be very tough to defend against the Mega Knight, featured in The Ultra Nyte’s deck.

The offensive capabilities are weak, with only have a Hog Rider. However, it is only 3.1 elixr average, so you may be able to cycle out your opponent considering all the rest of decks are at least 3.5 elixr average. All it would take is a single good hog push, and you should be able to Rocket cycle your opponent while playing the lockdown defense it provides Continue Reading »

Vitamin C

Overall Rating: 4

This deck was partly created by the Positive Elixr Trade King, but unfortunately the 3 musketeers will be rocketed by many of the decks featuring it. Goblins are everywhere in this challenge, making it difficult for the Win Condition Miner to chip away. However, this deck offers amazing ground support. This is a huge plus because most of the decks in this challenge are ground heavy. No hate against the creators, but this deck isn’t going to flip the bill against the other decks here.

The Ultra Nytes

Overall Rating: 7

Featuring the Mega Knight and the Elixr Collector, this is a very, very scary deck. It will absolutely obliterate the Hog Rider decks and spammier ones. However, it will almost lose every time to a Sparky deck. The Goblin Barrel featured in the Misplaced Rockets deck will be tough for it too, without The Log or Arrows. It will be very fun to see how this one pans out. This deck is a risky deck considering it will be easy wins against some of the other decks and an easy lost to some of the others.

Sparky Masters

Overall Rating: 6

Yet another deck with the Sparky. It is a slightly spammy deck and it also has the Miner to chip away. The Poison it brings may be able to provide strong value considering the cards that we’ll see in the challenge. It does have the Electro Wizard for all of the Sparky decks. As far as defense, it is a squishier deck and may be tough to play defense. If your opponent puts the Sparky to a stop and manages your Miner chip, it will be very tough to comeback. Most likely, you’ll fall victim to Rocket Cycle Continue Reading »

Misplaced Rockets

Overall Rating: 9

This is one of the scariest decks in the challenge. It has the Furnace to stop the Hog Rider, Rocket for the Sparky, Goblin Gang for the Miner, etc. It basically provides counters to every Win Condition out there. It also has Mirror, available for the Flying Machine which makes a dirty combo. The lack of log means the Goblin Gang and Goblin Barrel will work wonders for you. It also has the big blue guy with a kind heart, the Bowler. He should provide great value against this ground heavy challenge Continue Reading »

Salty Goblins

Overall Rating: 5

This deck provides no Hog counter. The Win Condition is Miner which will be tough considering all the goblins in the challenge. It has the Poison which may be value. It will have difficulty countering sparky if the Inferno Dragon doesn’t get locked on.

Even then, most of these decks have zap and ranged troops for the Inferno Dragon. It will be tough to play on offense and is very squishy for defense Continue Reading »

Meta Maulers

Overall Rating: 6

The Win Condition is the Hog Rider. The problem with this deck is that it is 3.5 elixr overall, making it very, very difficult to out cycle your opponent so the Hog Rider gets damage. The Mini Pekka will provide a decent counter to Hog Rider and the Guards will be able to withstand a Sparky hit while you other troops chip away at it. With poor offensive capabilities, it doesn’t offer a strong enough defense to offset the issue.

So Guys you can see the list of all decks in the King’s Cup II Elite Challenge For More Information Visit Here King’s Cup Website

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