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Event Kings Cup Decks  Here

Hello guys,Supercell Is Going To Add Again King’s Cup Event InSide the Game  And As You Know  King’s Cup special event challenge Just like the Classic and Grand Challenges,The goal of the King’s Cup Challenge is to win up to 12 matches before striking out and earning more cards and gold along the way,Blind Test will begin tomorrow!Kings Cup Decks Image Below
Price Will be 5 Gems But First Entry Will be Free.The decks will be formed according to a special algorithm, the rest of this test is different from the usual.
There will be 2 types of decks (see. Images). Each column will be selected on the map 1.Below is the list of Kings Cup Decks  in the King’s Cup Challenge:

As Supercell Says Blind Deck Challenge: Also, we have a very fun rule of the King’s Cup Challenge! Each Challenge, you are going to be playing a blind deck.Each deck has 6 predetermined cards and 2 random cards – so even if your opponent seems like they’re playing the same deck, be aware that they probably have 2 cards that are not the same as yours

Here Is The Image of  Kings Cup Decks  Which Will Be  formed according to a special algorithm 


Kings Cup Decks
IF You will see that image there is 8 column and Each column has More Than 2 or 3 Cards so According to Opegit Studio you will get 8 card to play from all these columns

For Example In Image 1 there is 3 Card (Baby Dragon,Mega Minion and Minions Horde) in column 1 so You Will Get 1 Card to play from column 1 It Can be Mega Minion Either,Baby Drag or Minions Horde Next Example In column 3 There is Royal Giant and Hog So You Will get to play With Either Royale Giant or Hog So this the Concept behind those Image and Same Concept will be apply on Each Column

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What do you think about the Kings Cup Decks   my friends? Please share your opinions!