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Hi Guys Clash Royale June update 2018 is coming on 20 June 2018 along with Balance Changes and In this Clash Royale June update 2018  we will get 2 new card One Is Royal Hogs (rare win condition), and Giant Snowball (common spell) These 2 new card can be unlocked after the update through special Challenge

Royal Hogs are 5 elixir and Giant Snowball is 2 elixir.

Royal Hogs can be split and are defensive/building targeting like Hog Rider.


Giant Snowball has a pushback effect, does damage, and slows their target (with a big radius).

Along with 2 new cards there will bei improvemento ladder  Even better Clan Wars and  New Emotes Yes Guys We will get new Emotes

New Emotes

Clash Royale June Update 2018 New Emotes


Clan Wars Improvements


  • Rewatch your Clan’s War Day battles
  • Spectate the enemy Clans’ War Day battles (tap “LIVE” on their boat)
  • Tap on an enemy Clan from the War Leaderboard to check them out
  • Social tab lights up gold while you still have your War Day battle left to do
  • Players who miss their War Day battle see a popup reminder
  • Copy your War Deck to your Battle Deck
  • Collection Day game modes will get switched up to keep things fresh!

Ladder Improvements

Unlock order of cards throughout the Arenas has been rearranged for the following reasons
  • To create Arenas where cards complement each other mechanically
  • Ensure there are always answers to win conditions within an Arena
  • Move low use rate, spicy cards to later Arenas
  • Where possible, match cards thematically to their Arena
  • Each new Arena will introduce new or unique mechanics
Changes to the League Season reset points
  • Trophies above 4000 (up to 7600) will be reduced by 50% – e.g. a 5000 Trophy player will be reset to 4500
  • This new, more gradual system will give everyone playing 1v1 Arena Battles a better time when the League Season resets each month!
  • 1v1 Arena Battles above 4000 Trophies will now have 3min Sudden Death

Information Taken For Stats Royale

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