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Ultimate Hidden Tesla Guide

Hi Guys, Fun6754 here and I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. I’ve recently gotten to 4k A pretty normal deck, except for that Tesla. I’ve had numerous people look at that and criticize my choice of it Let’s Take a look on this guide


My Tesla (Level 11) has these stats:                               The Musketeer card has at level 8: 4 elixir cost  8:

-1152 HP                                                                          -656 HP    


-203 DPS                                                                          -175 DPS

-163 Damage                                                                    -193 Damage

-.8 Sec Hit Speed                                                              -1.1 Sec Hit Speed

-5.5 Range                                                                        -6 Range

-40 sec Lifetime                                                                ———– 

With the exception of Range, the Tesla dominates the musketeer in stats, having almost double the HP and beating it in DPS by 28.

After showing you how beastly the stats are, I will now talk about how it’s used against many decks (In the context of my deck).

  1. Royal Giant Level 12 RG? No problem! A well-timed Tesla + any support can take out a RG quite easily. The added health and DPS over the cannon allows it survive an extra shot and get even more dps in. Also, (although not exactly recommended due to it losing HP), you can place a Tesla in advance against a RG. You can place it exactly in the center, with two river tiles in front of it. This “cuts” the corners of both sides of the bridge, which the RG will walk into and trigger the Tesla.
  2. Lava Hound Let me start this section off with a fun fact: A Tesla can completely counter a Lava Hound and its pups. This is due to its high dps, high health, and quick hit speed. There really isn’t much to say, it does extremely well against Lava Hound.
  3. Giant Although not as good as Inferno is against Giant, it still does a damn good job. Again, the higher DPS and health compared to the cannon makes a big difference.
  4. Hog This is something that a Cannon is better at doing. They both really do the same against hog, except that Cannon is cheaper. However, the Tesla may be more able to deal with support units since it has more health.
  5. Miner Very solid against miner. With good placement, it can take out a miner, tank a little bit, and then deal with the cheap support troops like minions or goblins.
  6. Misc These are some other troops that the Tesla does well against:-Baby Dragon-Inferno Dragon

    -Mega Minion



NOTE: You cannot pull with the Tesla as far as the Cannon. You have to place it somewhere in the middle for the longest pull. You cannot place it slightly on the right because of its 2×2 size.

So, why would you use this over Cannon?

  1. Health and Damage More health, more damage, what more is there to say?
  2. Air Targeting Many decks that have cannon are light on air defense. Tesla completely solves this problem, adding a great defensive pivot to your deck.
  3. Lifetime That 10 sec extra lifetime allows you to to possibly have 2 Teslas up at a time. That really isn’t fun for your opponent. Anything will get melted.

But why is it better than Inferno?

  1. Cheaper 4 Elixir vs. 5 Elixir.
  2. Versatility Unlike Inferno, which is designed to take down the beefiest of tanks, the Tesla is good against almost anything. The quick hit speed and high damage allows it to do quite well against anything, from squishy troops, to medium-sized units.
  3. Unzappable You are using Inferno, and suddenly, out of nowhere, you get zapped. You panic and your inferno is doing absolutely nothing. It gets overrun by the enemy’s troops and have nothing left to deal with the push since his support killed your defenders. With Tesla, that won’t happen.

And unlike both Cannon and Inferno, it has the pop-up ability, allowing it to be placed early against RG with not too much worry and avoid spell damage while underground (underrated!)

If you think there is anything that I missed, please post down below.

Stop the Tesla hate!