Elixir Cost Affects

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Elixir Cost Affects Your Winning Chance 

Elixir Cost Affects Hey guys whats up Hyp3rion here we are talking about Is Average Elixir Cost Important in Clash?Royale Average elixir cost of your battle deck is one of the most vital part of the game Clash Royale.if you have a low elixir deck then you can cycle your deck easly,Average elixir can change your whole game. You will either do good or bad according to your deck and your deck performance depends on your average elixir. Today in this article, I’m going to explain you some basics on how this will affect your winning or losing chances of a battle. Elixir Cost Affects

                                           Low elixir Deck

Best Mini PEKKA Fire Spirits Deck

Elixir Cost Affects Super low elixir decks are those decks which has below 3.0 average elixir.This one is just a sample of the super low elixir deck. If you use this kind of deck then you can easly  win.the game as you  have high damage dealing troop on your deck. You have small fast troops which can help to to spawn many troops at a time but if the opponent hit with arrow or fireball then its gone! you are all clear. With this kind of deck, if you want to win then you have to destroy opponent tower in the first 3 minutes. You have more chances in 2x elixir period Read More About This Deck »

                                                Average Elixir Deck

Elixir Cost Affects
Elixir Cost Affects This decks are probably the best ones to have. These decks are counted upto 3.9. These average good elixir decks are pretty much balanced and you can spawn your troops fairly well. You can both both and defend very well with this kind of decks. Winning chances are good but you have to be careful with heavy elixir decks in the 2x elixir period. With the low elixir decks, you chances of winning is more than ninety percent Read more about this deck »

                                              High Elixir Decks

prince deck

Elixir Cost Affects Average high elixir decks are those which have more than 4.0 average elixir. This decks works very well in the 2x elixir period.With this deck you can push great but defending is quite hard, So till the 2x elixir period just defend yourself and then you can start pushing and you can hope for 3 crown victory. However, with the Average good elixir deck, your chances of winning is equal Read more about this deck »



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