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Inferno Dragon Ice Golem Deck Arena 7+

Hi Guys UpsideDown Here and Today I bought the Ice Golem pack and tried out a Inferno Dragon Ice Golem deck  that many top 200 players are currently using. Inferno Dragon Ice Golem Deck

While using this deck I scored a solid 12-0 and never struggled against goison, in fact the hardest matchups ironically were against furnace/poison and hog/poison, as well as mirror miner-inferno decks.

Inferno Dragon Ice Golem Deck


Inferno Dragon Ice Golem Deck Card Role:

Giant: Great tank! My level 6 Giant was performing amazing at 3400!!! My “Giant” push consists of Giant in front, I usually put a Mini Pekka or Ice Golem behind it to take care of ground units, fire spirits to help take out barbs, minions, goblins, and anything that will distract the inferno dragon. If you get the ice spirit to the tower, your units can do INSANE damage. Inferno Dragon Ice Golem Deck

Inferno Dragon : Primarely a defensive tool versus the numerous giant decks out there, but also amazing on offense since it CANNOT be ignored, players will often use zap on him and then be defenseless versus puppies. Needless to say if he fully charges on a tower it’s as good as dead.

ICE Glolem: The Ice Golem is a 2 elixir card that targets buildings and towers.Always use in Support of Giant,It has a good amount of HP for a cheap cost and has the effect of slowing enemies around him like an Ice Wizard once it dies. Inferno Dragon Ice Golem Deck

Elixir Collector : The deck does not work without it, there are very good videos and gides to learn how to use it, since it’s very complicated I won’t talk about it unless requested.If they play miner, place it in between towers, Inferno Dragon Ice Golem Deck

Ice Spirit: If you can get the ice spirit to the tower, the inferno dragon can do insane amounts of damage! It can also freeze and reset any inferno tower! On the defense, it is a great cheap distraction, and a life saver. If you are in the final moments of a battle, the ice spirit can freeze and prevent damage on your towers.

Baby Dragon: Alright on defense. Good counterpushes, pairs well with ID. One nice push ice found is Baby Dragon followed by/next to Inferno Dragon. See what anti air cards they play, next cycle have a pump down

Zap – Still the most popular spell in the game. Zap is such a versatile card for only two elixir that it’s an auto include in all of my decks (until the lightning buff maybe). Zap can kill small troops (including equal level Goblins, Goblin barrel -5 levels, Spear Goblins, Fire Spirits, and Skeletons),

Mini Pekka This card is very similar to the prince, except it is much better on defense and worse on offense. However, it kills big tank fasters and a undefended Mini Pekka + Prince push will VERY quickly take a crown tower. This + Ice spirit stops a hog push or miner in its tracks.

Inferno Dragon Ice Golem Deck On Offense

 -Giant + Mini Pekka + Ice Golem
 -Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit + Inferno Dragon
 -Sneaky double lane push: Giant Baby+Drogon and Mini Pekka+Ice Spirit
Inferno Dragon Ice Golem Deck On Defense

 -Hog Rider/Golem/Giant push – Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit
 -Spawner Deck/Minion Horde – Zap
 -Royal Giant –Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit/Zap

What do you think About this Inferno Dragon Ice Golem Deck? Like it? Dislike it? Strong? Weak? Tough? Easy? Don’t forget to leave a comment down below





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