Inferno Dragon Guide

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Hello! My name is VriskyS, and you may know me for a couple of my guides on air decks! I have 4065 trophies, I’m in Silent, and my levels are 9/6.5/3.5/2 Well, this is for a very underrated card, that I think can help a lot of people out and maybe change their perspective on this mobile laser of death! Inferno Dragon Guide

Table of Contents

  • Inferno Dragon Card
  • Play styles and Strategy
  • Decks With it
  • Conclusion

Shoots a focused beam of fire that increases in damage over time. Wears a helmet because flying can be dangerous.

               Level                                        Health Points                     Damage
1 950 30-350
2 1045 33-385
3 1149 36-385
4 1263 39-465
5 1387 43-511

Playstyles and Strategy

The Inferno Dragon is a very tricky card, people often like to imagine him as just a flying inferno tower. Well, not exactly! You must remember that he isn’t a building, so the building targeting things won’t attack him, he fly’s, so ground targeting troops can’t get him either, but he has less health and less damage than an inferno towerInferno Dragon Guide



  • You will often use this when facing a tank deck!
  • If the ID is not in your hand when a tank is approaching, you can either try to cycle to him, or use your other cards to defend!
  • Always support him on defense! Whether it be an ice spirit, arrows or even a rocket, you must always help him, as he is easy to kill with a simple musketeer focusing him, and a zap resetting his charge. Just make sure that your elixir trade is good! (No rocketing skeletons trainer!)
  • Shield and… laser sword? You can hide your inferno dragon behind a good old tank to keep him up and running against the invaders!
  • Use him as a tank in those last second necessities, losing him is better than a tower in the last 5 seconds!


  • He’s best used for a nice ol’ BEATDOWN push! I use him with baby dragon, and lava hound.
  • You can also use him with miner, mega minion, and spell support!
  • It’s best to pair him up with a splash damage card, or the Mega or standard mega minions.
  • Do not depend on him to take a tower, in fact, I had him destroy support troops that would’ve killed my mega minion, which in turn, took the tower!


  • Very rare cases, I had a lone Inferno Dragon (I know I’m a hypocrite) with a poison spell on the tower, but that was only when the tower had ~500 health, letting me force them to react, and play my lightning for insane value (usually I kill a musketeer, and an ice golem or mega minion)
  • Inferno v Inferno Dragon. I very rarely use him against an inferno tower, as the inferno tower will win 100% of the time with no interference, but if you zap the tower, it’s a GG WP for inferno tower and you keep your inferno dragon. I mainly use him to weaken to tower, so my mega minion smacks it back into the ground, thus, saving my lava hound! Inferno Dragon Guide



I hope you learned something from this Inferno Dragon Guide , maybe a new deck! Just remember that this guy always needs some support, and when he has it, he’s a force to be reckoned with! Have a nice day!

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