Inferno Dragon Balloon Deck

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Hi Guys g6stock here and today i am going to ghoe you Inferno Dragon Balloon Deck Which is a very solid deck that performs well in tournaments, challenges and on the ladder even when under leveled. The main focus of the deck is controlling lane pressure. The balloon is used to force support troops out to defend a balloon push in one lane while the inferno dragon melts the lone tank in the other. The deck is built around getting the balloon to the tower while stopping the main attacks that are in the meta so come let’s take a look at this Inferno Dragon Balloon Deck guide:

Inferno Dragon Balloon Deck

Inferno Dragon Balloon Deck Card Role:

  • Balloon

The main source of damage in the deck, use this card to punish a tank dropped in the back, a quick push of baby dragon balloon to start the game can eliminate towers if they do not have the elixir or cards to respond. Later in the game add the balloon to a counter push. The balloon will force out cards from your opponent, it can not be ignored and will weaken any push your opponent has.

  • Inferno Dragon

This card is used primarily on defense to melt tanks (giant,golem,pekka,lava hound) The inferno dragon has half the health and damage of an inferno tower but can not be targeted by any tanks, only support troops This is the key point of the deck, you will always have the elixir to put a Valkyrie to kill or distract the air targeting support, or you can force the enemy not to support their push by applying pressure to the opposite lane with a balloon push Only put the inferno dragon on defence or as part of an end of the game all out push While the inferno dragon can make it to the tower and do damage it is too hard to do consistently against competitive players and provides the main defence for the deck Time to kill all troops in the game


  • Tombstone

The Tombstone has two main uses in the deck and provides the main ground distraction

  1. Investing elixir

If you do not have a great set of cards to make a push with then the tombstone can cycle your deck and help defend a counter-push, it is a safe card to start the game and is a great play whenever you do not no what to do

  1. Slow down a push

Put this down to totaly shut down a sparky, furnace, offensive inferno dragon, prince and pekka, it is also great defense against the elite barbarians and building chasers as it slows them down for your defense to kill. Against giant and golem it is more important to get out the inferno dragon vs hog and elite barbs where you need to use the tombstone.

  • Arrows

Arrows are simple they will kill minions, princess, goblins and skarmy. Do not be afraid to arrow 3 elixir minions it is an equal elixir trade and stops the little minions from wreaking havoc on this deck Against the grounded arrow targets Valkyrie and baby dragon are better answers as they will become a counter push and let you save your arrows for assisting your balloon

  • Minions

These little guys do the immediate dps (252) in the deck (inferno dragon takes time to charge up higher) they are a great answer to hog, elite barbs, infernos, graveyard and other ground based swarms. Another great use is to tank and spank, Valkyrie, baby dragon and even tombstone can distract for them to quickly kill a support troop. They are a quick unit that can push the balloon to the tower or tank 9 shots from the tower, they also work great at distracting an inferno tower

  • Valkyrie

The jack of all trades and one of my favorite cards because of the value and versatility she provides. * Great at taking out support cards, she can kill musketeer, wizard and witch and distract the mega minion long enough for the inferno dragon to melt the tank

  1. Can counter elite barbarians+hog with a little help
  2. The best graveyard counter
  3. Can limit greatly limit goblin barrel damage (see image guide)
  4. Kills swarms (duh)
  5. Can tank prince charges and sparky blasts
  6. Walks the same speed as the balloon (medium) and is great at tanking (think mini giant balloon)
  • Baby Dragon

Great against spawners, will kill fire spirits and then go kill the furnace. If the opponent places a building in the forward position the baby dragon will often kill it without taking any damage. He kills minions in two shots and is great at suporting anything Like the minions it can either push the unit to the tower or tank for it. I prefer letting it push the balloon as it can still defend against minions after the balloon gets to the tower insted of locking onto the tower

  • Lightning

List of things to lightning on offence

  1. Inferno tower- resets the damage and lets the balloon one shot it
  2. Inferno dragon-resets the damage and the balloon death bomb will kill it
  3. Musketeer, Mega Minion, Witch, Wizards, Tombstone, Archers

Hitting multiple targets is always a positive and quite common as most players panic when they see a balloon parade coming towards them

Lightning on defense

Great at taking out support troops behind a tank, if you have already taken a tower it is a great way to stifle enemy pushes before they start. Elite Barbs/Hog can get shut down with any other troop helping for a great trade

Inferno Dragon Balloon Deck Offensive pushes

Early Push

  1. Early in the game push with a balloon and one other card, you will be able to surprise your enemy and take a tower or see the counters that your opponent is using, even it the balloon does not get to the tower the death damage will still deal 272 damage. Use your early pushes to influence you next push, if you see a musketeer get lightning ready with the balloon or a Valkyrie to tank. If you see minions add baby dragon or arrows to your next push and remember the only failed push is one you do not learn from
  2. Use this type of push before double elixir as your main attack. Be aggressive to draw out cards from your opponent and limit there ability to push at you, make sure you can defend or at least do more damage to there tower then they can do to yours.
  3. This type of push is best against hog and royal giant decks as they are very quick and do not allow for punish pushes

if your tower has 300 health it is ok to ignore a hog to push and take there tower down 2000 health with a balloon minion push, just make positive tower health trades

Punish Push

  1. Use this push to capitalize on a elixir investment by your opponent. Use this as an opportunity to push the opposite lane and take a tower while your opponent struggles to defend with no elixir
  2. Golem, elixir collector, pekka, giant, and lava hound are all decks that your can use this type of push on

Final Push

  1. Put everything in this push to get past a stubborn air defense from your opponent
  2. Only use this in double elixir
  3. Try to add this to a counter push after positive elixir trades on defense
  4. A final push might look like a valkyrie, balloon, minions and lightning

Inferno Dragon Balloon Deck How to play against meta decks

  1. Lava Hound: This is one of your best matchups, the inferno dragon and arrows will eliminate the lava hound while the balloon in the other lane will be a crushing punish push that they can not defend with only 3 elixir after dropping a lava hound. The opponents defense of the balloon will leave the lava hound alone for the inferno to destroy.
  2. Golem: Use the same strategy as the lava hound but be prepared to take more damage. You will not always be able to put down a tombstone. The inferno dragon will take some time to burn through the golem, just make sure you can do more damage to the opponents tower in the exchange.
  3. Giant: It all depends on the speed of the giant deck. If it is a fast deck like giant balloon you will need to kill them first and then counter-push down the same lane. If it is a slow giant beatdown push the other lane as soon as the giant is played in the back and lightning the support cards
  4. Royal Giant
  5. The RG is a fast card that will get to your tower within 4 seconds of deploying. Distract with the tombstone and kill the RG with the inferno dragon, then counter push with what ever you have left+balloon
  6. Hog/Elite barbs: Many times you will not be able to play the inferno dragon to defend these cards because they are so fast. Distract with the tombstone and valkyrie while minions or baby dragon supports. once again counter push in the same lane as they are attacking in
  7. Siege: Balloon will quickly destroy all siege weapons and can not be distracted if your put it on the edge of the map. I do not see a lot of siege but a quick counter push with the defensive balloon seems to work the best.

Conclusion: Overall this is a very solid Inferno Dragon Balloon Deck that performs well in tournaments, challenges and on the ladder even when under leveled. I hope this guide was helpful and you will give this Inferno Dragon Balloon Deck a try. I am happy to answer any questions or explain parts of this Inferno Dragon Balloon Deck guide thanks for reading