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Hi Guys What’s up Riddle0219 here and today I going to show to Icy Hog Freeze Beatdown deck After being extremely  with the recent balance changes as my Night witch deck and Battle deck wasn’t working out as well I decided to search for something new and i finally found Icy Hog Freeze Beatdown deck for Arena 8+ so come and take a look at this Hog Freeze deck guide

Hog Freeze deck

Hog Freeze Deck Card Role:

Hog Rider: Hog Rider is your winning condition and will deal the majority of damage to enemy crown towers. Use him along with freeze spell for higher damage (though sometimes you don’t need to freeze specially without fully knowing what your opponent is playing). Play him with goblins or ice spirit for a pigpush, or use him with mini-pekka so that she shields for him. Cycle back to him as fast as possible to constantly pressure your opponent

Freeze: A very underrated card. A curious fact about freeze is that unlike poison it actually gets higher elixir profit when it’s leveled up because it lasts longer, and it will last equally if your opponent is playing level 10 barbarians vs 12 barbarians. It is important for this card to be at least level 3 if you expect it to work. Use it on offense with the hog but wait a bit to see what your opponent deploys, use it on defense when needed against giant pushes and even the 3 musketeers


Princess: princess is a key card for many hog cycle decks. Use her to cycle, to take out small hordes and chip away the tower. When you are defending a larger push, play her in the other lane as soon as you can, she never hurts as a support troop. Use her splash damage to take out minions and keep her in your hand when you are facing air decks since she is the only reliable air defense

Mini Pekka: A card that works very well along with the hogrider. Use her on defense against any troop with high HP and on offense she can be used alongside the hog or as an alternate damage dealer paired with ice spirit, goblins and freeze. You can also use freeze to help her defending against bigger pushes

Elixir Collector: This is my favourite cards inside the game,Running such a cheap deck is insane, but running it with a pump is even crazier Use this card whenever you wnat to increase your elixir profit and defend it from miners by predicting his placement or utilizing the ice spirit to freeze him and then mini-pekka/goblins on the miner. The deck is so cheap that frequently I have 3 collectors down in double elixir

Ice Spirit: A very useful, quite OP card at the moment. This is actually a flexspot in the deck and if you don’t feel comfortable being as weak on defense you can replace ice spirit with fire spirits, minions, spear goblins or another cheap troop that does higher damage. Use this card on defense to defend against any push, on offense with the hog to deal chip damage and against minions + zap to completely kill them. Use it to defend your pump from miners as well and to cycle back to the cards you want. The reason why I call this the Icy Hog-Freeze is because it contains both the freeze spell and the ice spirit

Goblins: Goblins are still the best troop to accompany the hogrider. They are very fast, do crazy damage and work well as a distraction. Despite the fact they can be zapped, not only do my opponents frequently waste their zap but also this deck is so fast on cycling that you can get back to your combo before your opponent gets back to their zap. Always pigpush when using them with the hog.

Zap Spell: A really good spell that works well with the hog. Use it on defense and offense when needed, sometimes you may not want to freeze in your first push so you can just use hog + zap for more damage. Use it against cheap troops, sparky, to reset any troop’s animation, etc. Paired with ice spirit it can take out princess and minions even if they are higher level

Hog Freeze Deck Gameplan:

This deck follows the blitz-beatdown archetype. The goal here is to constantly put pressure on your opponent by cycling back to your winning condition and applying pressure the entire game.

The way you defend with this cheap deck is by never allowing your opponent to build a large push by pushing the opposite lane.

Since this deck doesn’t have any buildings, the way you win is by constantly doing damage to towers, preferably more than your opponent. Many of my games end in 2-1 instead of the expected 1-0 for a hog deck and that’s why I consider this a beatdown archetype instead of control.

The way you get the hog to the tower is by cycling back to him as fast as possible to avoid stuff like cannons and other buildings. For this deck to work placing the elixir collector is crucial. Hog Freeze

This deck does well against – Miner tempo-burn decks (even with furnace); super expensive push decks with RG/Golem/PEKKA; RG decks Hog Freeze

This deck is ok against – Giant-Poison (you must be precise with your troop placement on defense); PPP; Hog Trifecta; 3 musketeers (use your freeze spell on the 3M) Hog Freeze

This deck is usually not good against – More controlling hog decks; very controlling payfecta/miner decks; air decks (for obvious reasons); decks with more than one building; pure siege decks Hog Freeze

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I hope you guys enjoyed this super fun to play Hog Freeze deck. If you have any questions just let me know!