Ice Wiz Giant Hog Deck

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Hello I am greg from Orange Zest part of the OJ fam and I’d like to share a Ice Wiz Giant Hog Deck that has gotten me to 4738. It’s based off of Jason’s strategy of using giant and hog. The deck consists of Giant, hog, barbs, minion horde, stab gobs, bomber, ice wiz/arrows, zap.

This may sound like an odd deck but it works insanely well on ladder. Note: DO NOT use in tourneys or challenges. My favourite part of this deck is it’s split push capabilities. Many people don’t know how to deal with giant bomber on one side and hog gobs on the other. take a look at this Ice Wiz Giant Hog Deck Guide

Ice Wiz Giant Hog Deck

Ice Wiz Giant Hog Deck Card Role:

  1. Giant: the giant is usually the main push and can also be used to tank and spank if necessary. It can also be used to bait out a defence and then you can push the other lane with an easy hog gob push. Usually at the end of games you can just block your tower with the giant to stop ebarbs, pekka, or any other high dps card. *cannot be replaced.
  2. Hog: the hog is the key to this deck. Very rarely should you use the hog with the giant. I like to keep them apart for split pushing and when they are together they are relatively easy to counter. A fun way to start games is a good hog bomber pig push. Very unexpected and very powerful. * cannot be replaced.
  3. Barbs: the key defender of the deck, can shut down a hog then become a nuisance for your opponent. If your opponent does not run fireball, you can always put a hog behind them and devastate the other tower. In my mind barbs are one of the best counters for royal giants and can be very versatile. * Could be replaced with mini pekka although not recommended
  4. Minion horde: air defender. Used where needed, provides extra defence if barbs are out of cycle, and can translate into a destructive counter push. If you have a bad starting hand it’s always ok to split them at the back. * could be replaced with minions or mega minion.
  5. Goblins: used in tight situations where you have little elixir and need to defend or to pig push. My favourite thing about them is when you play a tower one level below your gobs and if you drop only gobs you can get 600 damage. Gobs can also be deadly if you have a huge elixir advantage and you put them behind a giant. * can be replaced by spear gobs or 1 elixir skellies
  6. Bomber: MVP of this deck. Most underrated card in clash royale. One shots archers, three shots barbs, wrecks any small ground unit and can even be used defensively on a hog if needed. Works great behind a giant or hog and sometimes can bait out a fireball. People often counter with mega minion or minions and can sometimes leave them with very little elixir so that your giant can go to town on the tower.
  7. Ice wizard: I very recently put him in my deck to replace arrows and it works great. Used on defence and/or to protect the bomber, great defensive card and very versatile. * can be replaced with arrows, fire spirits, or princess.
  8. Zap: used for infernos or small units. Also used for minion horde. Use this where needed, can pretty much do anything. Must I say more? * can be replaced with ice spirit (a lot more technical this way)

All in all, it takes a while to get used to this Ice Wiz Giant Hog Deck but once I got used to it I shot up from 3500 to 4100 then within a month or two I got to 4738. The key to this deck is getting elixir advantages and then split pushing. If you know what spells your opponent has you can always throw in minion horde or barbs to a push if they waste their counter. One of the weaknesses of this deck is lava loon but it is not impossible to beat, you just need to focus on the loon, and you should be fine. Another weakness is too much split pushing and you may have the sad situation of getting both your opponents towers to under 500 hp and then they take your tower.


Hopefully this wasn’t too confusing and feel free to test it out and make changes and tell me how it goes for you!

P.S. if you swap arrows for ice wiz you can use this deck from pekkas playhouse all the way up to legendary arena

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Thanks for reading this Ice Wiz Giant Hog Deck guide and  All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.