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Clash Royale Ice Golem Information

Hi Guys Whats up mikethebest1 here and today i am  taking about Ice Golem Information Which is new Card in Clash Royale.I think that you guys will like him a lot because of his very cheap Elixir Cost and his incredible HP, he slows nearby enemies that get hit by the explosion,

Clash Royale Ice Golem Information

Ice Golem

  • It is a rare card that costs 2 elixir and will be found in arena 8.
  • At lvl 1, it has 625 hp, 40 damage/2.5 sec hit speed, and deals 23 damage on death.
  • It is a slow, melee range troop with 1 sec deploy time that targets buildings.
  • When he dies, he slows nearby enemies that get hit by the explosion.
  • Seems like at level 7 (Tourney standard), he has about 1,100 HP (yes, for only 2 Elixir), which more more than Miner, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Baby Dragon…

Ice Golem Theory crafting Discussion

Current Meta, we have the Giant as the prominent tank, due to having high hp and building targeting for only 5 elixir. I still believe that when Ice Golem comes out, push/build up decks will still use the Giant as the tank, because of the affordability and high hp it has. Clash Royale Ice Golem Information

However, the Ice Golem may find potential in fast cycle, chip damage decks. For example, it can be used as a tank for a hog cycle deck, to soak up tower damage and slow nearby enemy troops when it explodes, keeping the hog healthy and helping any back-end support behind the hog.


It could also work for a miner-pekka cycle deck, as a tank to protect the mini pekka and miner from tower aggro and def troops. Clash Royale Ice Golem Information

I believe Ice Golem won’t replace push oriented decks as tank, because Giant possess far more hp for only 3 more elixir, but I see potential in it being used as a tank for fast cycle decks that use cheap elixir tanks, as being a 2 elixir tank will fit nicely in a fast cycle deck. Clash Royale Ice Golem Information

What do you think about this new card guys? How will you use him? Please share your opinions


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  1. paul

    I feel like this card will be thr new meta now that 3 musketeers cycle decks are getting popular. I don’t know how to feel about that. but I’ll try to fit him in my 3.0 hog furnace deck.

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